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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 









cullowhee, nc 








1 #f^ 


eighty-five years have passed since the be- 
ginning of a dream — a dream that is now a 
realization and a growing university, this 
dream belonged to robert lee madison, the 
founder of western Carolina university, and 
thus our story begins . . . 

through a series of events, madison found him- 
self accepting an offer to teach at the cullo- 
whee school in 1889. he, as the lone teacher, 
devised a curriculum suitable for the primary 
through advanced students, although the first 
year began with only small children, madison 
was not discouraged, in the next two years 
enrollment increased and thus did the staff; 
madison then applied for a charter of organi- 
zation in 1891, and the school had a name — 
cullowhee high school. 


tttLE Hi&H 


many people played an important roll as w.c.u. 
began as cullowhee high in 1889. the four men on 
the far left especially did as they each held the role 
of president, they are (left to right) alonzo c. rey- 
nolds, the second president — 1912-1920; robert lee 
madison, founder and first president — 1889-1912 
and 1920-1923; william e. bird, acting president — 
1947-1949 and fifth president — 1956-1957; and paul 
a. reid, fourth president — 1949-1956 and 1957-1958. 

the people in this area were proud of their town 
and newly founded school as can be seen in these 
early 1900 photos. 


in the year 1893, the school expanded its curriculum 

and building, adding the "normal department", it wasn't 

until twelve years later in 1905 that the school became 

known as cullowhee normal and industrial school, in 1924 

the college's first quarterly bulletin was issued, the 

cullowhee state normal bulletin, just one year before the 

school's name was changed from cullowhee normal and 

industrial school to cullowhee state normal school, the 

new title, approved in 1925, was to serve two purposes 

— to eliminate the misleading term "industrial", which 

was not provided for in the curriculum, and to add 

"state" to clarify the recent elimination of the high 

school from the institution, the school's purpose now 

was to prepare teachers for the public schools of north 



' / *H*r , ^«„v 

. «^x^ac 




Jf '^La 


^ . IMA! . 

cullowhee quickly developed a substantial 
curriculum offering students a well-rounded 
education, in the pictures below are busy 
students as they participate in gym, lab and 
home economics classes, the two girls on 

the left, Stella cowan and mary louise russell, 
wrote the first two episodes of a pageant 
of western north Carolina which was presented 
at commencement. 


in the past years, buildings have come and gone 
as the people have, and yet a quiet spirit thrives 
on. here in the 1920's the house directly below 
once stood on what is now the site of bird 
administration building, because of a lack in 
fire protection, it burned one morning — stu- 

dents tried to help but they could only save 
the family's household goods, the cullowhee 
baptist church began as the building at bottom 
of page, the group at the right is the piedmont 
club of 1927, which was a means of promoting 
student recruitment for the school. 

as the school continued to grow, 
questions of making the two year 
normal school into a four year 
institution were raised, the en- 
rollment continued to grow and 
after much thought, planning 
and necessary actions, the school 
became a four-year college 
known as western Carolina 
teacher's college in march of 


many of us say the word "cullo- 
whee" in amazing wonder, but it 
has an interesting origin, it generally 
means "white lily" or "the valley 
of the lilies." this refers to the 
atamasco lily, a plant that is rare in 
the mountain region, but was dis- 
covered flourishing in one small 
area on the western bank of the 
cullowhee creek, here it had grown 
since the earliest knowledge of man. 
it is believed that the cherokee 
called it cullowhee. 

former students of wcu are seen here along 
with several leaders of the institution in- 
cluding (l-r) clyde r. hoey, mrs. e.l. mc kee, 
a.c. reynolds, r.l. madison, frank p. graham, 
h.t. hunter, margaret breese and d. hidden 


many people were responsible for.the continuous and fruit- 
ful growth of this institution, a man that gave countless hours, 
interest and talents to western was the college's third president, 
hiriam tyram hunter, president hunter had a very sensitive value 
of record keeping, he was the first president that kept complete 
records of his entire administration, president hunter served 
western Carolina from 1923 to 1947; twenty-four years of dedi- 
cation to carry on a dream. 


student involvement in many areas 
helped western Carolina grow, this 
can be seen here in the girls glee 
club and the college band, as west- 
ern grew, its graduation classes grew, 
people came and people went leaving 
a part of themselves here that bet- 
tered the school. 


within the following twenty-four years the col- 
lege grew, prospered and changed, these years 
saw a new highway linking sylva, cullowhee 
and glenville. the enrollment increased yearly 
and graduation classes became larger, new 
buildings were necessary to accommodate 
the school's growth in students, faculty and 
curriculum, this small but ever-growing col- 
lege survived the depression and numerous 
problems, but solutions followed. Styles 
changed, lasting friendships formed, five presi- 
dents were known, a fiftieth anniversary cele- 
brated . . . change was inevitable, and once 
again as the school changed, the school's name 
changed to western Carolina college in 1953. 

these pictures portray western in the 50's and 
the 60's. much progress took place in the next 
decade, as we can see from the view of the 
campus taken in 1960. 


the school's progress had not yet come to a close; 
change was to occur again and again, in 1967 the 
institution was designated as a regional university and 
was now known as western Carolina university, another 
step forward was taken in 1971 when the state legisla- 
ture reorganized higher education in north Carolina, 
and western became a constituent institution of the 
university of north Carolina on July 1, 1972. 

in 1974 we remember the 85th anniversary of western 
Carolina university with a founder's day celebration 
and the inauguration of our chancellor, dr. h.f. robin- 
son, many people came to be a part of this event- 
ful day's activities, eighty-five years have passed; a 
dream is now a thriving, growing university. 

the pictures portraying the history of 

western Carolina university are courtesy of 

the university archives, the information 

for the history of the university was 

gathered from the history of western 

Carolina college, by w.e. bird. 


in the previous pages, we have seen 

western Carolina — how it began, 

grew and changed throughout the years. 

in the following pages, let's look at western 

and cullowhee as they continue to grow and 

change and hear opinions from 

the students of today. 


what is cullowhee? 


it's a quiet serene hole in the ground 
that needs just a little more excitement, 
but not too often." 

-V / 




"i really don't like crowds 

and the hustle and bustle of big cities." 


"i like the atmosphere of the mountains 
with their peacefulness and beauty/' 


■ <* 









— - . 

' ••-•*- 

- r 

■* ' 

"i wish it wasn't 

such a suitcase college/' 


"i like it; it's quiet, cullowhee's not that boring 
you have to hunt for something to do and 
people just aren't used to it." 


"cullowhee lacks culture, there is extremely 
little to do, especially when one considers it's 
the home of a 6000-student university/' 


"i love it, because i love the autumn leaves, 

the sometime snow, and the freshness of spring/' 


"the peace and quiet gives you time to think 
about yourself and life 

and its meaning to you/' 


movin' In 


heng-ups end 


hit the books! 


l\cep 01^ tilickiq, 




* ••/ a 


- t m>- 

*" '■ A 


■- fr : 





patty, fynn, earofyn, 


"there's nothing 

(so they sty!) 


catch Ihose 


.<•> 'M 




' ■ ,. ■■-.*. »*<■:-■■ 

, ■■<-■) : 

. ' - i ' 




h,ave jou voted?" & 






^ JE 

have you voted?" *, 



e «r?^ 


"life does not determine a champion; a champion determines life." 

bobby richardson 

to win . . . 
running hard 
and fast for 
a touchdown 
or a basket 
or a goal. 



coming together 

as a group 

of individuals 

uniting, working 

as a team. 

<si 1 f| 


wcu football 
io J4: 

an odds defying story 


first row: eagle moss, jimmy Joyce, wayne tolleson, doug piercy, bill 
hamilton, Jeff walker, scott bisbe, carl anker, second row: keith scoggins, 
danny dalton, Clifford surratt, tommy bruchfiel, steve burr, mutt degraf- 
fenreid, david rathburn, jerry gaines, herb cole, third row: jerry siler, 
david brinkley, Jeff ciccone, darrell lipford, jack bowen, terry moore, 
bobby ferguson, alvin singleton, kenny davis, lynn keever. fourth row: 
gary bass, danny hawk, randy davis, mike fraser, Cleveland smith, Jeff 
kirwin, jack brinkley, gregg walton, barry lunsford, alien corpening, 
mitch burr, fifth row: monroe sanders, wyche bryce, joe hester, charlie 

adams, steve noblitt, dirk green, bobby mason, robbin vannoy, chris 
christy, eric poe, gary walker, monfred manns. sixth row: Joel mccanna, 
rod currie, robbie slack, gib elements, george plott, steve claxton 
lowell snider, jim calaverne, monty winters, gary henderson, felix setzer, 
mitch myers, dewey smith, seventh row: joe d'alessandris, joe stump, 
david liston, ray parr, don plyler, ernie lasher, chuck milner, willie 
bolton, John childress, tim lewis, mike green, greg smith, mike 
wade, steve yates. eighth row: rick smith, John noonan, greg whiteside. 


murray state 



tennessee tech. 



appalachian state 



morehead state 



univ. north alabama 



indiana state 









western kentucky 






louisiana tech. 



* w — won 

1 — lost 

.ML!?* m 

k Y I Sl*> 7 i- 

a great football team is not supposed to open its season 
by losing without scoring a touchdown; or count on 
a defense that has been rebuilt around only seven letter- 
men; or depend on several freshmen to be first unit 
players; or send a quarterback, who had never started 
a college game onto the field to lead its offense against 
one of the nation's best defensive teams in the game 
of the year, but the cats did all of these and fashioned 
a super 9-2 season, probably the finest of western's 
41 years of football. 

our cats finished eighth among the ncaa college division 
and were selected for the first time to play in the 
national championship playoffs. 

highest honors went to western's pair of first team all- 
america selections, jerry gaines and steve yates. 





E ' 





opposite page: 
top: cathy edwards 
/eft: pam mundhenke 
middle: kay phillips 
right: elizabeth owen 

top left: bonnie white 

top right: Virginia fishel 

lower left: cathy edwards — queen 

lower right: linda Christopher 




first row: chip smith, billy laube, mike heilbronn, jim denning, jon webb, 
billy conroy, hank komodowski, ed stolle. second row: manager dean 
jorgenson, torn wilson, manny taylor, mike gray, charles lombard, mike 
wetter, Jackie adkins, mike kelischek, bob meyers, fred irving, John 

fort, third row: coach mike bruder, Jeff rainwater, blakeney adams, 
brad bradshaw, dev maguire, ed young, dave cambre, david harris, 
ed keene, coach charles schrader. 




central wesleyan 

appalachian state university 
warren wilson college 
toccoa falls college 
erskine college 
belmont abbey college 
tusculum college 
university of south Carolina 
furman university 
appalachian state university 
north georgia college 
* w — won 
I — lost 

the western Carolina soccer team had 
a disappointing season posting a 1- 
10-2 record, this season was the worst 
in the history of soccer here at western, 
several starters were injured during the 
season which left less experienced 
players in positions which were hard 
to fill, a lack of team spirit and poor 
attitudes also contributed to the losing 
effort, hopefully the 1975 season will 
be an improvement, six starters will 
be returning and many fine reserve 
players on the 1974 squad will be filling 
in the new openings created by gradu- 

— w.c.u. soccer player 



volleyball * 

lir^l row: brenda halford, teresa lockheart, mary lynn morris, dell Courtney, 
second row: patsy tipton, kathy burke, bonnie <»ranville, Judy Stroud, third 
row: betty peel, sharon Jones. 


first row: randy layman, gray knott, keith frisbee, randy helderman, buddy paterson, 
John reichl. second row: asst. coach John tinsley, rick gehle, John arnold, jay goree, 
bruce warshawsky, dean presson, dennis kaspryzyk, head coach paul Jones. 


\\\ - ^ 


"we were a team 

to say the past basketball season in cullowhee was 
unique, would be regarded as an understatement by 
anyone who followed the cats, the catamounts of the 
past winter became wcu's first basketball team in three 
years to turn in a winning record, the uniqueness if 
found in the unusual, sometimes bizarre, events that 
blend to produce a 15-11 record, how many teams have 
changed coaches at mid-season and ended the season 
a winner? the '74-75 cats did. jim hartbarger watched 
his team jump off to a fine 4-1 record in the opening 
two weeks of the season, including a win over the 
jim gudger coached east texas state team, and then 
watched that same team win only one more time in 
the next seven tries, he resigned January 12 after five 
and one-half seasons and handed a team with five and 
seven record over to fred conley, the man he had hired 
only six months earlier as his top assistant, conley 
stepped up and as suddenly as the cats had turned sour 
in december, they turned sweet again in January and 
february. what conley did is speculative, but the cata- 
mounts began playing on both ends of the floor, to- 
gether, they won on the road as well as in reid gym- 
nasium and at the end of the season, conley's half- 
season record read 10-4. the mid-season change in 
coaches was only one of the oddities, the 74-75 cats 
had the distinction of being the only team in the nation 
to play last year's ncaa national championship finalists 
— n.c. state and marquette. 


front row: graduate assistant rick miller, head coach jim hart- 
barger, assistant fred conley. second row: dennis sluder, pat 
macarthur, lee gibbs, bubba wilson, jay lassiter, willie hamilton, 
kirby thurston, steve burnette, mike meadows, dan lloyd, albert 
toomer, howard ainsley, zip stowe, John howard. 


st. leo 

southern tech 


e. tennessee 

east texas 

at auburn 

at lenoir-rhyne 

austin peay 

tennessee tech 

at austin peay 

at nc-state 

mars hill 



at ut-chattanooga 

belmont abbey 


at carson-newman 

at unc-asheville 

appalachian state 

at marquette 

at toledo 


at appalachian state 

at east Carolina 

at unc-wilmington 

*wcu tipoff tournament 
**asheville classic 

w 83-57* 

w 96-81* 

I 85-96 

w 92-75** 

w 83-80** 

I 77-85 

I 72-84 

w 99-96 

I 90-96 

I 85-95 

1 61-119 
I 71-78 

w 86-68 

2 85-61 

w 81-78 
w 94-69 
w 76-66 
w 84-82 
w 85-79 

I 53-63 
I 73-101 
w 86-73 
w 76-72 

I 76-81 
w 83-71 

w = won 
I = lost 



•••and that was 

david thompson and the wolfpack took out their frustra- 
tions of an upset by wake forest on the awe-struck cata- 
mounts, however, a late season performance before a 
capacity crowd in milwaukee helped to erase some of 
the embarassment suffered in raleigh. "conley's cats" 
pushed the ninth ranked marquette warriors to the wire 
before losing 63-43. however, what conley, the cats, and 
their followers will remember most is the brand of bas- 
ketball they coached, played and watched in the last six 
weeks of the season, kirby thurston was the keystone of 
the cats offense as he used his 6'9", 240 pound frame to 
consistently put in over 20 points and pull down a dozen 
rebounds a game, when the cats needed the key bas- 
kets late in the season, they gave the ball to albert 
toomer, a senior who had not lived up to his all-star bill- 
ing earlier in the season, conley underscored it all when 
he said, "we were a team . . . and that was the dif- 
ference late in the season." 

the difference" 


after a regular season play of 10-10, western Carolina's wo- 
men's basketball team earned a birth in the ai aw region 
II tournament where they finished second place at the state 
tournament in boone. at the region II tournament, the lady 
cats downed their first two opponents before losing to elon 
in the championship game despite the accurate shooting by 
jolly jones and brenda Johnson, coach betty Westmoreland 
said that she was not disappointed with her team's perform- 
ance in the loss against elon. "we did what we planned to 
do . . . get the ball inside for jolly and brenda to shoot, we 
just missed too many easy shots," she explained. 






II * 


& -V 





r ^ 





1 / 



a » _1 

-± V 


•^r* ^1 










[V wen 

kk' 3 * 


L El 1* 

1 » v * 














1 I % 

Q , k / 


if 1 


14. , 

,L3 I B^ 

we did what we planned 

patsy tipton-trainer, mary lynn-manager, janet white, sharon jones, 
bonnie graham, sandy rice, brenda Johnson, judy strout, pam player. 

frances mincey, linda mcdowell, laura tritt, karen watson, brenda hal- 



1975 may well be the last year for the wrestling 
team at western Carolina university, the ath- 
letic committee voted to discontinue the wres- 
tling team, along with the men's gymnastic 
troupe, due to the lack of funds, the team op- 
posed the action but to no avail. 

what is happening to the well-rounded athletic 
program western Carolina boasts about? 

first row: mike rollins, david haney, sam chewning, barry 
weaver, second row: steve harrill, coach ed chenevey, jim 

swain, jerry hensley. third row; ray bell, coach steve nel 
son, coach bob setzer, felix setzer. 



gym troupe 

the wcu women gymnastics team ended it regular 
season schedule with a 9-2 record, led throughout 
the season by susan bullock, who took best all- 
round honors at ten separate meets, coach susan 
field's team went all the way to capture the state 
meet (ncaiaw) in chapel hill, finishing third out 
of fourteen teams and winning five regional med- 
als, the wcu team won the state meet for the third 
consecutive year, susan bullock took second all- 
round at regionals and qualified for the national 
in all events, wcu has been selected as next year's 
host for the nc aiaw state championship. 

first row: andrea weaver, susan bullock, cathy macky, linda noblett, 
tenny wood, karen smith, le ann west, cindy nybro, dee dee pade. 
second row: creik goodspeed, mike hartsell, kenny pierce, gene 

watson, bobby mcwhorter, kyle kilborn, rocky reynolds, dennis fleet- 




■ 111 i L iii im i n ii 

-a» «■ 



wcu's baseball team produced a fine 15-8-1 record with vic- 
tories over several major opponents, but at the same time, 
felt somewhat disappointed when the season ended as the 
inclimate weather potentially cost the cats a post-season 
playoff berth and a shot at the best baseball record in the 
university's history, in all, fourteen games were rained out. 
coach bill haywood's 75 squad was the best hitting wcu 
team in at least a dozen years as it compiled an eye-opening 

.304 average. 

the 1975 season also produced wcu's first bonafide all ameri- 

can association of college baseball coaches who named him 

to their college division all star squad. 

first row: wayne tolleson, dermis blake, gary grindstaff, leslie wright, 
tim stuart, steve adams, chip koontz, gary rhyne, dale fox. second row: 
flip watson, gary fishel, tony fowler, dale simms, tim de weese, mike 

hicks, terry ramsey, jerry reed, dan carswell, jerry gaines, jack patterson, 
david jelal, buddy smith. 








track and field 

■ --'■■;-m_. ■:'.-. ^ 

^. <■...■ . 

(op to bottom: jerry siler, bruce warshansky, chandler reichl, Stewart milton, levon wilson, jon daniels, tim otten, 

muse, rod currie, levy lennon, greg walton, randy layman, asst. coach John tinsley, keith frisbee, dennis kasprzyk, 

r.l. icard — trainer, buddy paterson, felix setzer, randy helder- rick gehle, skip watkins, John arnold, Clifford surratt, 

man, jon wiggins, alan sienkiewicz, alvin singleton, John edstrother, coach paul Jones. 

' " -..-.• 



first row: blair goodman, joe dark, John mckoy, mark kinney, henry jamieson, capt. bill rochester, coach 

eaker. second row: asst. coach eric flescher, wes mc- david rayburn. 


first row: patty wilson, anna bolick, debbie ellenberg, 
mary lynn morris, second row: susan lamotte, cheryl 

seeber, miss peele, kathy quinn, connie styles. 



left-to-right: asst. coach scott holmes, david blalock, sandy wilson, steve 
hamrick, reid cox, hank komodowski, kenny edmond, steve hodge, 
david roper, coach don dalton. 

the 1975 golf team turned in the finest record (15-2) in the 
six year history of that sport at western Carolina univer- 
sity, coach don dalton's squad was his most inexperi- 
enced team in the past three years with three fresh- 
men playing in the top six positions, however, they man- 
aged to win their opening ten matches of the season be- 
fore tasting defeat, the catamount linksters also made 
their best showing ever at the prestigious furman invita- 
tional and finished ninth at the eastern kentucky invita- 

spring intramurals 

1. all-campus coed softball champions 

2. outstanding intramural sorority and independent participants 

3. all-campus softball champions-triffids 

4. sorority swim meet all-stars 

5. individual winners 



X^liwl 1 


1. independent basketball champions 

2. soroity raquetball doubles champions 

3. independent badminton singles champion 

4. soroity paddleball singles champion 

5. independent free throw and accuracy shoot- 
ing champion 

6. independent table tennis singles champion 

7. soroity badminton singles champion 

8. soroity basketball champions 


fall intramurals 

"nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm." 

getting involved 

sharing ideas 

being a part of 

club activities, 





talking to friends, 


watching t.v., 

playing cards, 

waiting on speedy's. 

coming together 

doing your 

own thing 


each day. 



night of terror! 

u.c.b. fun house 



alpha phi omega 

1974 miss 


• ' 



1 1 

alpha phi omega sponsors the miss thanks- 
giving womanless pageant each year to help 
the needy families of jackson county, this year 
$117.00 was collected as well as food and 
clothing, which was distributed by local 

our lovely winner, miss theta xi is jimmie 
locke; with gary ingle, miss sncae, as first 
runner-up and lynn honeycutt, miss bsu, as 
miss congeniality. 



< '» w 





5GDq smmmV, GHfeam® s®@© 



first place — richard baker 
second piace — timothy o'connell 
third place — derek hiscox 
fourth place — John howie 





..'^ ■*• 



- taawra 

each January, brave tubers armed 
with inner tubes, wet suits and 
plenty of stamina enter the chilly 
waters of the mighty tuckasegee, 
which flows through cullowhee. 
these icy souls then race down the 
two mile course through the river's 
wild rapids and breathtaking cas- 
cades to achieve honor and glory 
as the nation's number one tuber, 
twelve schools accepted the invita- 
tion to tube down the river, western 
once again claimed the honor and 
glory as John howie, the current 
record holder, broke his own time 
by covering the course in 26 min- 
utes and 30 seconds. 

first place — John howie (wcu) 
second place — richard baker (wcu) 
third place — John dotson (sti) 



wifc--. ' 



Hr ••v . 


■V'. " ' e '■' 1 '■ 58ti 

^*u--j^ffT - 



fourth annual 
bluegrass festival 

many people enjoyed the pickin' and grinnin' of 
the fourth annual bluegrass festival, each year the 
audience clap and cheer as they listen to their 
favorite bluegrass performers, this year we were privi- 
ledged to have at our festival jimmy martin, ralph 
Stanley, curly ray dine, marc pruett, arlene kesterson, 
the blueridge mountain doggers- and many more 
fine bluegrass singers. 


hihfi for hope 



although the day of the motorcross was nice and 

sunny, the rainy days prior to it left the track 

muddy and slick for the drivers, this challenged 

their skills and experience in each class. 

weeks later, burning rubber and smoke fumes 

filled the air during the fifth annual car slalom 

sponsored by the u.c.b. one driver found the 

stress of the course taking toll as he pulled off 

from the finish line to find his car on fire. 



i ■ 




rryss catamount pageant 

the 7975 miss catamount pageant was a great success, eighteen 
girls participated in evening gown, swimsuit and talent com- 
petition, the pageant kept the university's 85th anniversary in 
mind with its theme "western echoes the whisper of it's past." 


entertainment for the pageant was excellent, the cullowhee 
doggers delighted the audience as well as marc pruett, 
master of ceremonies, and his band, debbie buchanan, 
reigning miss catamount, sang several songs, miss north 
Carolina susan griffin was a special guest, she captured the 
audience as she sang "with a song in my heart." 

all the girls worked very hard but only one 

could win. our new miss catamount, cathi 

mc cord was crowned by debbie buchanan — 

after cathi got over the shock of her winning. 


cathi mc cord — miss catamount 1975 

joye ray — first runner-up 

wanda carter — second runner-up 

cathi goes to the 
miss n.c. pageant 

miss catamount, cathi mc cord, represented w.c.u. in the 
miss north Carolina pageant held in charlotte, n.c. a first for 
western was also a first for the state pageant, until this 
year all participants in the miss north Carolina pageant were 
jaycee sponsored, cathi represented her school well in all 
areas of competition. 


1975 special Olympics 


a hot, sunny day was the setting for the 
fourth annual special Olympics, three 
hundred and six children from western 
north Carolina competed in various 
games, each receiving a ribbon — win 
or lose, the special Olympics was 
developed nationally by the kennedy 
foundation and is sponsored by the 
w.c.u. special Olympics committee for 
the western n.c. region. 

this eventful day was successful with 
these children repeating the special 
Olympics oath, "let me win, but if i can- 
not win, let me be brave in the at- 





.hi/ - '<#• 

V*' > 

winning participants from w.c.u. special Olympics once 
again competed in various games at the state special 
Olympics held in raleigh. these hard-working children 
once again proudly left with ribbons of success. 




"let's have a soul revival" was the 


for the o.e.s. sponsored black week. 

a fash- 

ion show, talent show and reader's 


were among the events of the week. 

a con- 

cert by "kool and the gang" and th 

e black 

ball with the crowning of the new miss o.e.s 

ended the week of festivities. 


*d ^>> 


V J" 


1 \ 

' «• ***** - 

4 9* 



ebony queen mi court 

»• »_» c. 

valerie howell — queen 
beverly hill — first runner-up 
wiladene harbison — second runner-up 


a quiet afternoon with a pic- 
nic on the u.c. lawn, booths 
and various exhibitions was 
the setting for the country 
fair, students clapped and 
stomped to bluegrass music 
provided by marc pruett and 
and his band, along with the 
cullowhee doggers. 


roth duo- 


■atlanta symphony- 

dickie betts- 

doug kershaw- 

four tops 



, the tarns 


■billy preston- 



sea/s and crofts 



i » 



7 -C% 




IV ■ 





/ ) , ,1 "Zj 


afm- ■ >■' "V? 1 

/ jjr7l x \ 


- !r;!r ^ 

*' \ 

^c/. Jj 

: : ?4 

» t " 



university players 





October 21-26 


torn daley robert funk 

george sikowski ear/ willis 

James daley william lambert 

phi I romano tyson Stephenson 

coach robert zipperer 

the play takes place in the coach's 
house, somewhere in the lackawan- 
na valley in 1972. 

that championship season, an ameri- 
can college theatre festival VII pro- 
duction, won both the pulitzer prize 
and the new york drama critics' cir- 
cle award for 1973-1974. 


university players 



november 18-23 


thomas Jonathan I. ray 

fag rick triplett 

lydia languish carolle b. dempsey 

lucy vicki misenheimer 

julia vanessa drake 

mrs. malaprop Catherine j. dixon 

sir anthony absolute don I. loeffler 

captain absolute randall d. willis 

faulkland roger sloop 

bob acre gary waldron 

sir lucius o'trigger dan holloman 

david Jonathan I. ray 

the rivals, a comedy, takes place at 
bath, the fashionable watering place 
of the british aristocracy, the play 
relates the affairs of the members 
of society, the role of mrs. malaprop 
and her "misapplied" words, is one 
of the most famous in all comedy. 



,TT— - 



university players 


the rimers 



January 27-february 1 

judge/preacher sam gray 

wilma atkins pam cook 

martha truit peggy mc laney 

nelly windrod anne robbins 

mary windrod vicki misenheimer 

robert conklin randall willis 

cora groves andrea brack 

waiter bill lambert 

eva jackson Jessica phelps 

skelly mannor marc ca//oway 

peck Johnson jeif dark 

mavis Johnson carolyn fulton 

josh Johnson ross caudell 

patsy Johnson cecelia neal 

evelyn jackson nancy georgion 

lena truit merry Stephenson 

the rimers of eldritch takes place in a 
small former mining town in the middle 
west, the play through a series of flash- 
backs and flashforwards, covers a period 
during the spring, summer, and fall of the 


university players 



february 17-22 


marquis de sade ron fender 

coulmier earl willis 

jean-paul marat rofaert zipperei 

simonna karen furno 

charlotte corday brenda I. carver 

duperret william lambert 

Jacques roux Jonathan ray 

herald tyson Stephenson 

cucurucu rick triplett 

polpoch charles arney 

kokol randy abee 

ressignol carolle b. dempsey 

coulmier's wife vecie yasinsac 

inmate/mother Catherine dixon 

inmate/father ken stikeleather 

inmate/schoolmaster delbert hall 

inmate/military representative chuck smith 

inmate/scientist steve helms 

inmate/newly rich heather rice 

inmate/voltaire jeff dark 

inmate/lavoisier mark smith 

inmate/mad animal martha huntley 

inmate/satan's prayer Stanley poole 

marat/sade is a play-within-a-play based 
on two historical truths, one is marquis 
de sade was confined in the lunatic 
asylum of charenton, where he staged 
plays and the other is the revolutionary 
jean-paul marat was stabbed in a bath- 
tub by charlotte corday at the height 
of the terror during the french revolu- 
tion, the play concerned with the pro- 
blem of revolution discusses the politi- 
cal philosophical and moral questions 
that concern the modern-day audience. 


university players 


the one acts 

play for germs 


aristotle chuck smith 

socrates ear/ willis 

girl martha huntley 

an encounter 


eve peggy mc laney 

puppet Jonathan ray 

trees cathy busch 

cathy alexander 

cindy williams 

vecie fasinsac 

martha huntley 

shock of 


jack barnstable william lambert 

herb miller randall willis 

dorothy vanessa drake 

richard pawling marc calloway 

march 2-3 


university players 


the king 

april 14-19 


priests of zeus ken baldwin 

samuel gray 

gregg daugherty 

jeff dark 

david cashion 

larry hincher 

nancy georgion 

oedipus robert funk 

guard david waiters 

chorus leaders ron m. fender 

pamela cook 

children will horton 

meg horton 
kelly ray 

creon william lambert 

tiresias randall d. willis 

jocasta brenda I. carver 

messenger jeff dark 

shepherd david cashion 

messenger from palace samuel gray 

nurse nancy georgion 

oedipus the king takes place in the city 
of thebes in the time of ancient greece. 
from this play we can learn one thing: 
"throughout time, it is not man who 
has changed, but rather the customs 
of his society." 


university players 


music department 



may 8-10 


stephen/christ martin pierce 

david/john the baptist/ 
judas ron whittemore 

gilmer vicki Cornelius 

Joanne suzy brack 

lamar randy abee 

peggy randi shook 

robin peggy mc laney 

herb rick triplett 

Jeffrey Jonathan ray 

godspell, an exciting musical, is 
based on the gospel of st. matthew. 
the setting is in an old junkyard 
where these young people meet 
Jesus, learn from him, watch him 
die and rejoice at his resurrection. 


student government president 

donna clemmer 

traffic court 

first row: charles parker, paul grady, ed king, sue gray, del faucette, second row: gary collins, James mitchell. 


student government vice-president 

roland Johnson 

superior court 

first row: marsha hampton, mark cashion, Johnnie walker, sam greenwood, second row: warren webb, charles holloman. 



public defender 

tim martin 

attorney general 


* » 


Bd^^^Sa| ■ii^.''*^~^V 



student government productions 

■ i 

don ramsey 

kappa delta pi 

first row: judy kirby, lydia nicholson, camille lancaster, 
susan blackerby, bonnie heet, cathy lloyd, lynne dark. 
second row: mark finley, olivia schreiber, lynn knapp, 

carol lee dixon, penny icard, rita gillett, brenda jackson, 
sheila franklin, pamela adickes, cathy kennison, lisa duke. 

kappa kappa psi 

first row: joey burke, steve bradley, buddy grissom, 
joe jones, ralph caldwell, barry tucker, tony hardin, 
dennis reeves, second row: charles lozier, bob reid, 
phillip wilson, mike wright, brad corpening, charles 
morris, jerry dark, eddie stomley, robert mason. 

third row: gary green, larry trout, mike lowery, 
roger caldwell, ron amos, rod mauney, ron whitte- 
more, chris cole, keith poole, donny gibson, hoyte, 
roberson, ken white. 



concert choir 

first row: evelyn womack, randy shook, carol vaughan, janis 
dellinger, pam mcneil, elsie beaver, lisa duke, elaine shell, 
dare nesmith, elaine holt, joni astrop, lisa hamilton, elizabeth 
sams, mary langford, becca patrick, lelia van dyck, mary 
brand, debbie davis, holly derickson, mary sample, second 

row: chris cole, darryl jones, marty pierce, ron whittemore, 
richard taylor, barry tucker, bob Johnson, ron amos, donnie 
gibson, mike sutton, barry gaskey, keith poole, doug dejarnett, 
sandy boone, willie hubbard. 

university chorus 

first row: camille melchor, debbie hyatt, jane adcock, terri 
thomas, sandra bateman, debbie wright, kim shook, kim ransey, 
r. stuart dark, gary green, mark claxton, alphonza thomas, 
Janet frye, teresa nicholson, valerie godwin, unidentified, pam 
richardson, linda houston. second row: fern winborne, cindy 
williams, unidentified, susan flynn, anita horton, alien shep- 
herd, danny gregg, unidentified, lane barrett, unidentified, 
katie hoyle, jane hooper, harriet worsham, helen Stewart. 

third row: revina fox, j. wright, debbie hixson, susan weaver, 
b.j. lowery, joe pinson, greg pinson, greg hawkins, hoyt 
robertson, gary yelton, brad reaves, lynn beaudry, unidentified. 
fourth row: vecie yasinsac, carol ilgenfritz, lisa coin, karen 
furno, unidentified, Cecelia neal, John turner, jim blalock, 
hillary cobb, lynn wade, karen pyatt, kathy hipps, unidentified, 
patricia touchstone. 

the cats 

vickie looper, johnny howie, carol shipwash. 



1 1 1— 

- ' 

« ,_ , 


T — j— ■ ^ ^ 

' iK 1 Jf-» 

— I A ,M ^^Sr~aa 

— .» ___^ftjW^, ^ * __ _ — ... 

5 1 

A : *«■■' JBB7* VMI 

ft -J*i%^\il i--4ij 

^HjL ■, 1.^^^ -Wiciij 

7 Jr~5~ 

^BL' ffR. . ■«? . j| 

jflMikk t^J'm' W , ' r &&%\ 

k-tJII Sit .:-. JMilg" 

! ft - iiH BBfe' 

S' -11 







^iH ii3 





IN. "M 


first row: 

ken baldwin, gary ingle, ken 

stikeleather, second row: sandi hall 

bill wheeler, renee loisel, diane horn, 

Virginia craft, carol vaughn, bonnie 

white, david atkins, angie mccormick. 

university players 

first row; peggy mclaney, Jonathan ray, nancy geor- 
gion, randy abee, anne robbins, randal willis, diana 
marshall, mare calloway, sam gray, Jessica waiters. 
second row: ken stikeleather, jane adcock, nancy 
hammill, tyson Stephenson, tobert funk, delbert 
hall, rick triplett, marty jones, bill lambert, ron 

tender, third row: steve helms, chuck arney, brenda 
carver, cathy busch, cathy alexander, gene alex- 
ander, carolle dempsey, vicki misenheimer, merry 
Stephenson, fourth row; vanessa drake, pam cook, 
cecelia neal, earl willis, kathy can, burt zipperer, 
steve carr, jim holder, danny holloman, karen 
furno, Stanley poole. 

performing - 


american home economics association 

first row: lydia nicholson, dottie overman, debbie 
boger. second row: susan garrison, anita fisher, jan 

bailey, donna foster, mrs. hyatt, pam hughmes, betty 
shook, holly griffin, sandy segal, diane roberts. 

law club 

danny brown, dr. allan riffle, harold bunn, terry de- 
wese. david phiens, tim martin, david hodges, david 

peck, dean thomas, david montieh, chad chastain, 
harold Jones. 


alpha kappa psi 

first row: rick hefner, perry mcknight, davis garren. 
second row: rocky nelson, don brown, bill cummings. 
third row: mike farlow, steve hatchett, frank watson. 

mike murphy, fourth row: ashley deary, ralph braf- 
ford, david monteith, ron gant, gary blair, Steve riggs, 
gary morman. 



society for the advancement of management 

first row: alien tate, jill sistare, gary newborne, 
terry suert, billy bolick. second row: doug black, 
gary Salisbury, ron whitemire, jim schlunz, dr. 

waters, bill staton. third row: johnny womack, 
martin galthern, gary liverman, bob elements, Jeff 
Collins, ronnie wansly. 

phi beta lambda 

first row: abigail carpenter, jenny lynn thomas, elaine pope, 
marion newhouse, vicki ross, debbie gilreath, kathy turner. 
second row: joe lopes, gary shephard, kathy arrowood, mari- 

ann haisley, cindy rector, beverly ashmore, debbie hixon, 
hope williams, terry smith, susan austin. 

student nurses association 

first row: beryl jones, karen hardison, alta wells, 
francis shade, karen wilkie, bonnie grier, vicki revill, 
vivian young, Joyce Crosby, Judy burnette. second 

row: linda harrison, debra keener, Joan smith, jim 
laughlir, elaine brooks, brenda sims, lydia summers, 

student north Carolina association of educators 

A iiM^V A :■ 


first row: marsha smith, sharon galloway, judy kirby, 
pam kessler, carol lee dixon, steve brown, unidenti- 
fied, unidentified, martha clodfelter. second row: 
darleen gilette, vanessa sharpe, cathy lloyd, uniden- 
tified, lynn dark, cathy beal, cindy burnette, pam 

adicks. third row: sheila franklin, debbie mcintosh, 
carol harrison, unidentified, carolyn greenwood, 
suzanne thomas, jane sturdivant, linda agner, dare 
freeman, Jill hallas, kathy denny. 



business manager 

Steve cook 

catamount staff 

first row: vickie looper — assistant business manager, 
phy His snider, second row: debbie smith, lou black, robin 
barringer, jeanette beaudry, beverly ashmore — associate 

editor, janet parker, susan david, warren shinn, associate 
editor, chad chastain. 

Hins . 

western Carolinian 


torn addison, dwight sparks, bill drury, robin byrd, mike killam, cara massey, elin dickins, phylliss 


first row: richard phillips, tommy James, unidentified, cathy brooks, kay perkins, suzann yelton, sherri 
bryant, peggy mcclainy. second row: jack summers, bill brown, parker hardy, waiter weeks, rich 
hall, gary yelton, kevin boutelle. 



presbyterian student fellowship 

first row: margaret kennedy, kathy turner, elaine holt, beverly ashmore, Stanley bennett, bev moore, 
paula eldridge, debbie Johnson, sandra meek, second row: dare nesmith, mike kerns, dale fox, Jamie 
Cleveland, waiter weeks, david montgomery, carole crawley, robert neill, cathy sink, donna bebber, 
leigh goodrum. 

baptist student union 

first row: pam richardson, warren morrison, linda fowle, larry 
arnold. second row: debra ross, Joyce haskins, david haskins, 
dianne gosnill, kathy anthony, dianne marshall, vaughn huder, 
randy shelton, joe david fore (chaplain), james love, rick anderson, 
nancy waldrop, robert whitely, lynne scales, patsy burleson, chris 
edmonds, keith fox, mark pierce, lisa pierce, third row: megan 

vowell, betsy thorton, debbie smith, carol burchfield, susan wright, 
penny reigh, gil huggins, joe orr, lenni everette, unidentified, 
ronnie white, John hyatt, bill baird, charles carlton, cynthia shields, 
grady lippard, steve medlin, debbie phillips, polly pruitt, lynn 
honeycutt, gary rhine, steve durham, carol fowler, fourth row: 
debra lindsay, debbie powell, terri fowle. 

wesley foundation 

jeff rainwater, charlotte stedman, holly derickson, ken mar- 
shall, kathy denny, rick newton, Jessica phelps, susan mc- 
gugan, mike shugart, doug story, lisa duke, mrs. daniel (mom) 
lane, torn frazier, sheila hopkins, dare freeman, bob gibson, 

John sofley, vicki cope, clifton whitfield, reatha adams, lisa 
hamilton, bob Johnson, rev. russell burson, dave raymond, 
brodie andrews, fran roberts, becky bailey, david haynes, 
steve kilgore, rev. george weekley. 

"the grass withers, the flower 
fades; but the word of our God 
will stand forever." 
— isaiah40:8 



alpha phi omega 

first row: c.l. marshall, warren morrision, doug story, 
wayne beam, grady lippard, darryl jones, lynn honeycutt, 
steve durham, larry arnold. second row: ken marshall, 

charles carlton, chuck hooper, ed poston, torn vernon, 
kenny pierce, bill baird, michael boger. 

university center board 

first row: wait teague — president, mike dean, ken turner, elizabeth owen, rhonda 
summers, roger myers — business manager, second row: grant smith, susan scar- 
borough — secretary, rick myers — vice president, beth thomas, chip mewborne, 
david atkins, lil van dyke, ron dine, debbie smith. 

ucb committee 

first row: jimmy haithcock, jan carswell, ralph pressly, bobby 
haskett, layne barren, torn burchfiel, bill huges, bill wheeler, 
Caroline nix, kathy malone, cathy brooks, judy roberts, bar- 
bara evans, gary schultheis. second row: karen williams, 
mark cashion, mary wilson, billy howell, diane cogdill, cindy 
nache, terry housex, susan cabe, luada burchfiel, gail taylor, 
Jackie green, linda osterhage, susan allman, dawn haney, 
feme winborne, renee higdon, jodi bradley. third row: 
Suzanne yelton, gary yelton, pam watkins, cindy rummage, 

beverly henderson, jill sistare, vance auston, iva kreiling, 
John makinson, sheila honkins, mary liverman, nada chris- 
mon, angela beeson, mary o'neal, susan david, cathi mccord, 
fourth row: craig smith, harold wilson, barbara hardy, steve 
harrell, babs cordell, ricky deese, joel James, milton staton, 
steve blalock, marvin white, jon Johnson, ronny randson, 
Jeff elkins, merie owen, tim ryan, elaine pence, andrew 
hipps, charlie dockham, lisa smith, ronnie cowart, tim kincaid, 
marsha westhoff, Jeff wyant. 



wcat general manager 

warren foil 

student photographic services 

Steve cook, jeanette beaudry, rick rose, butch davenport. 


first row: nancy quinn, bob sabin, nancy ledford. second row: bill owen, rick bavec, mark 
robinson, John heiser, tim andrews. third row: steve yountz, stan taylor, John nichols, warren 
foil, James Cleveland, eric ph i Hips, marty Jones, fourth row: ron whittimore, rick theriault, 
gary mormon, mike dean pete mc donough, mark cashion, albert baynard. 

youth association for retarded children 

first row: kathy thomas, diana marshall, kathy denny, gail mitchell, larry arnold, holly ferguson, mary ann nolan, barbara 

armstrong. second row: regina buchanan, rick newton, janet carter, suzanne thomas. 
parker, dare freeman, c.l. marshall. third row: charlene 

campus gold 

first row: sandy segal, anne mane, gail cushman, angie rawding, carolyn woody, debra hall, betty 
jenrette. second row: lisa smith, cathy cox, vicki hefner, karen brantley, cynthia thaxton, Judy 
bu 1 1 is, earlene cheung, hetty cox, cindy brown. 



psychology club 

pam adicks, bill barbour, judy guffey, linda carter, James love, gary carter, sonia odom, chris mc kellen, dr. silas anderson, 
mr. taylor huskins, dr. cecil mann. 

semper fidelis 

pat wilson, bruce warshawsky, doug meir, richard mehaffey. 

sociology and anthropology club 

*L - - 

first row: rob foss, don pfost, rita byrnes, second row: ted yoder, larry french, 
elmira caldwell, richard george. third row: pam stribling, marsha swink. fourth row: 
tim lazenbyl, margaret kennedy, tony harris, fifth row: bob boules, gayle willis, 
Stephen nachman. 


first row: wanda Crawford, jane cattan, debbie cattan. second row: jeff neff — advisor, susan cloninger, gary nor- 
man, mark smith. 

special interests 


art students league 

first row: Janice swanger, claudia kleinhaus, ray manze, rielly 
mount, marcia Jones, dennis white, second row: russ nicholson, 
chris carpenter, cindy karp, phyllis dunn, joan byrd, susan 

garrison, bev moore, cynthia cochran, carolyn nix, billy mor- 

social service organization 

first row: denise Cunningham, barbara webb, second 
row: cindy schaeffer, b.j. smith, genie m., gigi gay, 
third row: deborah smith, brenda brown, debbie 
hutchins, donna worley, karen goode, gunseli tam- 

koc, marianne ingle, fourth row: sandra ashley, jean- 
ette beaudry, chuck brice, wanda pate, kay cook, 
Judy boone. 

outing club 

first row: larry davis, cindy brown, bill robertson, 
burnham chamberlain, ed saleem, chuck eagle, sec- 

ond row: steve walston, mark plummer, debby 
hixon, karen Stinnett, teresa teague, grant dawson. 

student emergency care team 

grant dawson, ed smith, delbert hall, gerry livermann, John beaudrey, Steve walston, bruce 
holbrook, charlie tilson, vickie revil, sandra meek. 

special interests 


kappa mu epsilon 

first row: dr. willis. second row: yvonne lester, mary ann miller, beverly riddle, unidentified. 
third row: knox cobb, linda agner, elizabeth Jones, unidentified, fourth row: unidentified, mr. 
baker, mr. sharp, dr. thomas. 


first row: dr. j.c. alexander, ron fender, jane adcock, 
sam gray, Judy sein. second row: pam cook, brenda 
carver, cathy alexander, gene alexander. third row: 

jim holden, bill lambeth, Joseph saunders, bobby funk, 
chuch arney, earl willis, mary Stevenson, donna phelps, 
Steve brown, paula eldridge, dr. kathleen carr. 

american chemical society 

first row: nathan couch, dr. roger bacon, beth bailey, becky bailey, david haynes, second row: 
larry watkins, kathy sherman, orvilla smith, dean whitlow, michael norins, reni bertoluzzi, drusilla 
scott, claire Jensen, barry watson. 

organization of ebony students 

=^ .< 


first row: bonita morgan, vanessa mission, forrest 
fleming, bernie mcelrath, levy lennon, dixie walker, 
second row: Jeff latimer, ricky coleman, carolyn 
taylor, Jackie gray, vivian Jones, ronnie hoskins, jean 

Simpson, brian dalton, James corpening, third row: 
james burns, doris Jackson, sherry bryant, wanda 
pate, donna smalley, John moore, sandra corpening, 
gerald barnes, edwin holland. 

special interests 


student council for exceptional children 

first row: joan israel, barbara pritchett. second row: 
dr. jay hickes, anna bolick, rhonda gantt, gail arm- 

strong, suzanne thomas, susan beaver, karen lawing. 

national art education association 

first row: manson lancaster, dr. lee budhal, karl 
hubbs, ray menze. second row: cindy willard, babs 
cordell, mindy sloop, jane clayton, gloria buchanan, 

debbie andrews, chris carpenter, cindy karp, vicki 

phi tau kappa 

first row: John makinson, sandy segal, tim ryan. second row: marcia westhoff, beth 
thomas, elaine pence, lisa smith, third row: tim kincaid, Jeff wyant, andrew hipps, 
jeff elkins, charlie dockham. 

industrial technology club 

first row: don woods, Julia augustoni, butch barrow, 
val burch, bill Johnston, wayne rogers, dewey robin- 
son, cary smithey. second row: ted Johnson, david 
blackley, ronnie blackley, steve hill, l.d. peeler, 
dale hollifield, lou sabetti, paul brown, John blevins. 

third row: mike simpson, jon wiggins, clyde free- 
man, gil huggins, steve gunther, unidentified, fourth 
row: samuel white, dr. george reeser, baxter alien, 
randall Williamson, dr. manyard adams, paul perry- 

special interests 


panhellenic council 

jeannie causby, cheryl borders, melissa wilson, sandy shepardson, debbie house, jan brookshire, jeanie ingram, 
mary kirby, angie powell. 

interfraternity council 

first row: dennis melton, rich allrad, paul wood, John blount. second 
row: harold bunn, al chrisman, gerald spaugh, charles dyer, stokes 

gatewood, gary hall, jerry bowers, John dark, unidentified, wesley 

special interests 






first row: phyllis Stewart, pam cheek, susan morse, meg kiernan, holly 
griffin, denise hollifield. second row: margaret larrea, terry thomas, 
terri brown, frances williard, katrina fields, beverly brady, shelley me- 
rolla, wanda lane, nita davis, leta litman, barbara miesiaszek, elaine 
bogatay, sondra hicks, third row: elaine pope, angie powell, Julia lynch, 
pauline laltuis, marsha lawson, hazel cowan, marion newhouse, terri 

bryan, diane potter, fourth row: robin Jenkins, susan conrad, mary 
buckner, siliva aubuchon, libby buchannon, sherrie beshears, cheryl 
seeber, margaret mieiaszek, cheryl warren, fifth row: janet milsaps, 
mickey maney, terri tucker, debbie lakey, charlene zielinski, jane 
hooper, emily-earl Sheffield, cathy beal, John payne, mickey pettus. 





first row: celia beard, debbie house, becky potts, kathy long, cathy 
harris, brenda stone, marlene strand, marilyn kruse, diane devita, 
malissa wilson, jennie cannon, alta Chester, lou buckner, shirley wilson. 
second row: toni mayfield, cathy edwards, frances green, robin Wil- 

liams, emily carpenter, rick falls, carol morris, teresa deal, beverly 
henderson, mindy sloop, susan davis. third row: nancy porter, judy 
gupton, nancy randall, patsy wilkins, sharon epley, darla walker, wanda 
carpenter, gwen burtch. 


first row: cheryl mc alphin, Jeanne ingram, sheila Johnston, cathy 
Crawford, susan condlin, Jackie melton, brenda clayton, Janet 
martin, aliesa liverrett, jean romanowksy, jan brookshire. second 

row: colleen mc garry, cindy tarlton, gary ends, amy durham, cathy 
crayne, linda funderburk, audrey smith, yvonne straughn, debbie 




seated: allison miller, robin phillips. first row: terry nielson, hope 
freeman, vickey mcdaniel, barry kalet, velda benfield, cristi morrow, 
joan estridge, sheila costner, Joan israel, vicki richmond, donna darden, 
lee jackson. second row: wanda carter, lorrie berlow, libby wright, 
phyllis dunn, kathy pierce, lin sarella, vivian douglas, bonnie blalock, 

cathy barnett, debbie Stephens, martha culbertson, gloria Jennings, 
pam case, charlie mitchell, patra moore, carol maxwell, lisa harlin, 
kathy lambeth, kerry rodgers, betty rumley, jan coleman, pam mund- 
henke, linda little. 






first row: lou bryant, debbie buchanan, martha Joyce, beryl Jones, 
kay turkelson, janet frye, claudia niven, marilyn chandler, second row: 
karla hoke, missy merten, becky James, pam honeycutt, susan sink, 
sharon hayes, cheryl stern, beth poveromo, nancy davis, Jeanne causby, 
kim cockman, gay white, Jennie talbert, tonya mcgarr, jane smith. 

third row: kathryn unger, pam alexander, diana schmertzler, sandy 
shepardson, gail grissett, karen tallent, harriet sample, sherri smith, 
everette lyde, mary wasden, elaine heidgerken, linda rayle, linda 
noblett, tese bartlett, kathy mackey, dee saunders, winnie nelson, 
pam moore, rodney harrelson, helen hollar, becky brown. 






first row: wesley hartsell, doug meier, ronnie metcalf, randy helder- 
man, jack bradley, wanda carter, greg whitesides, don killian, danny 
glover, dave anders, george soursby. second row: marvin schubert, 

charlie hyde, keith issaccs, alan yopp, John lewis, steve taylor, tony 
zande, paul grady, reid turner, alan Warwick, bruce sprague, dave 
rathburn, ed king, randy cobb, jack herbert. 



I ■ 

first row: william sykes, keith white, mike bowen, John furches, 
johnny mcclenoon, bruce snelson, earl wiggins. second row: bill 
cooper, John pinkerton, danny beckham, emory ware, andy powell, 
don kirby, chris coley, parker hardee, terry hardee, alan dudeleck, 
rick fagg, mike smith, mitch lowery. third row: jim tinsley, harrison 

tyner, mike teague, david smith, lynn short, John stallings, John 
blount, randy smith, tommy stone, dave tackett, larry burgin, 
mark hawks, tim starling, chris lyons, frank thomas, aaron devinney, 
reggie poplin, tim martin. 


first row: rick caponii, dave sizemore, mike campbell, gary hall, 
ricky paxton, jimmy highfill, larry huffman, james mitchell, barry 
quickel, ron dine, jim tiger, second row: mike rose, toby brown, 
marc fetter, al cashwell, torn holland, peter marx, ken tickle, 
al duckett, james hembree, steve craver, bob dillard, milton 
Cunningham, paul wood, joe norris, roland Johnson, kim ramsey. 
third row: jon wilson, jim medlin, larry richardson, harvey harris, 

steve watkins, wesley hensley, david lees, greg forman, tim harvey, 
don whitmire, Jeff waiters, soctty penland, tim steelman, gray 
knott, jim dills, ken bailey, russell wilson, charlie fetter, rusty 
eskew, jack harvey, randy cross, bob jones, keith berry, rick 
shepherd, kevin vasquez, bob sabin, jerry bowers, alan griffin, 
gordon friedrich. fourth row: stan hedrick, rick elliott, bob jefferis, 
roger ashe, craig goodspeed, doug whiddon, greg el lis. 





first row: david legrand, keith dinkins, jeff felthouse, bob buff, 
tim mcgee, steve haynes, don kimmer, ron whitmire, herbie blythe, 
roger jones, charlie mackie, duran brown, paul barkley. second 
row: Steven dickey, david ward, burt kennedy, chris forner, alan 
price, chad chastain, harold bunn, gary costner, chris wilson, danny 
shulls, rick foster, steve rossi. third row: faron leigh, mark tedder, 
spiro vetas, steve waiter, jimmy woods, ken beveridge, johnny 

harbison, danny gilbert, steve hamrick, roger martin, mickey buckner, 
j.d. baldree, chuck hall, rick falls, robin hendricks, jon eaker, 
phil harbison, charles downey, phil lane, rick tuggle. fourth row: 
van beam, weston, burgess, barry foster, joe carson, al chrismon, 
david justice, brad gydrer, joe pitts, emett thompson, hal hawkins, 
kent thompson, billy Johnsons, woodie padgett, jack carey, van 
blanton, gary whitaker, dale lockamy, bill hawkins, larry deal. 



pi kappa phi lit 



r:---*'«><*Pvnfifc:*;x\ TW 

first row: mike willett, jimmy covington, joe digges, keith Joyce, 
jack Stevens, jamie killian, del faucette, steve nixon, russ fitzgerald, 
rodney Campbell, second row: larry Crawford, bob pharr, richard 
obenshain, sammy davis jr., ed thomas, jimmy kelly, bill kehler, 
glenn richardson, John clarke, barry kalet, derek hiscox, scott 

spargo. third row: glenn hutchinson, jamie farmer, ross caudell, 
paul mc intyre, Jeff gorsuch, rick baker, fourth row: marshall hegler, 
wayne smith, jeff noblett, mike cromer, John kyger, kent leonard, 
richie sparrow, randy watson, jeff vinson, bruce duncan, jim kumle. 






first row: torn reeder, torn rush, kent smith, randy layman, keith 
brooks, george queen, John simpson, phil sherrill, robbie smeltzer, 
hugh moffitt, byron cox, gary moore. second row: gerald spaugh, steve 
dine, John deschenes, fidel goodnight, alex mesa, don sisk, norman 

hindershot, mark wilson, wayne tucci, david hopkins, Crawford moody, 
pat hague, ed barker, third row: skip watkins, terry deweese, david 
earley, chandler muse, jim mattox, billy york, mark atwood, John 
matto, don green, Jeff gilbert, steve selzer, tony harris, max spaugh. 




first row: manson lancaster, steve gladden, danny brown, gary 
ends, danny hinson, l.d. peeler, dennis melton, byron chandler, 
John payne. second row: leslie queen, dean turner, david machado, 
rodney threatt, david kinney, phillip alien, steve jarvis, warren 
williams, don beard, rick deese, james locke, stokes gatewood. 

third row: mike riddenhour, eddie tillman, darold spoon, jeff 
sweeney, charles dyer, ronnie wansley, james tate, chris burris, 
jack land, phil beavers, jim sweeney, jimmy tice, rodney long, 
joel james. 



"the teacher can light the lantern and put it in your hand, but you must walk into the dark.' 



dr. h.f. robinson, 

frank h. brown, jr. 
vice-chancellor of administration 

glenn w. stillion 
vice-chancellor for student development 


vice-chancellor of business affairs 

doug davis 

assistant to vice-chancellor of student development 


barbara mann 
student development 

cecil brooks 

dean of records and administration 

alvin g. burchfiel 

professor of administration and school personnel 

jesse flake 
internal auditor 

richard Cameron 

dean of student activities 


. — ... . .. _,.. 

^ _ 


doug reed 
director of public 

glenn hardesty 
director of financial aid 

doug moore 

director for alumni affairs 

william stump 
director of business 

baxter wood 
director of university 

tyree kiser, jr. 
director of admissions 

harrier parker 





james e. dooley, ph.d. 

philip t. wade, ph.d. 

robert b. welch, m.a. 

i. perry kelly, ed.d. 

John b. bennet, ph.d. 
philosophy and religion 

ellerd m. hulbert, ph.d. 









rodney I. leftwich, ed.d. 
industrial arts 

marjorie baker, ph.d. 

william c. mc gowan, jr., ph.d. 

John j. chapman, ph.d. 
earth science 

patrick g. morris, ph.d. 

raymond s. ledford, m.s.w. 
social welfare 

^ - 


— *X 






donald I. loeffler, ph.d. 
speech and theatre arts 

jerry west, ph.d. 

royce s. woosley, ph.d. 

lewis f. sutton, ph.d. 
modern foreign languages 





richard s. craddock, ed.d. 
elementary education 

jim t. hamilton, ed.d. 

health and physical education 

roy I. cox, ed.d. 
curriculum and instruction 

wilma b. cosper, ed.d. 
home economics 

taft b. botner, ed.d. 

eugene e. mcdowell III, ph.d. 



elmer morton, jr., ph.d. 
accounting and data processing 

maurice jones, ph.d. 
economics and finance 

william e. scott, jr., II. b. 
business law 

eugene w. vosecky, ed.d. 
office administration 

hubert f. stepp, ph.d. 
management and marketing 



John f. bergner, jr., ph.d. 


maurice b. morrill, ed.d. 


"it is the common wonder of all men, how among so many 
millions of faces there should be none alike." 

sir thomas brown 



coming together 

to share, 


being themselves. 

> [^ 




terry Stephen adams — denton 

ray albury — miami, fla 

larry bruce alien — candler 

jimmy m. allison — old fort 

melanie t. allison — burlington 

michael allison — burlington 

debi allman — weaverville 
cheryl I. anderson — cullowhee 
lee ann anderson — waynesville 

rick anderson — winston-salem 

jeri archer — bryson city 

terry atkinson — kings mountain 

patti auchmoody — raleigh 

vance austin — norwood 

mike badgett — winston-salem 

richard baker — valdese 

russell I. ballard — cary 

charles d. ballentine — brevard 

rosemary baltayan — new haven, conn. 

paul m.m. barclay — greensboro 

linda s. barger — miami, fla 

diane barkley — mooresville 

keven c. barlow — lenoir 

suzie barris — monroe 


donna bartlett — charlotte 
m. donald beand — charlotte 
John Stewart beaudry — graham 
phillip beaver — candler 
donna bebber — taylorsville 
karen m. becker — fairhope, ala. 
jacquelyn e. beeson — high point 

lori bennett — charlotte 
sherrie beshears — sylva 
John a. bianucci — winston-salem 
gloria I. biddix — marion 
lurae a. bigham — waxhaw 
Stephen c. black — asheville 
maria l.-blumenstein — troutman 

perry blythe — mineral springs 
jack c. bolick — conover 
wesley boston — newton 
Christopher I. bowman — hickory 
steve bradley — roanoke rapids 
cyndi braun — graham 
owen c. brice — lake wales, fla. 

philip h. brice — ft. lauderdale, tla. 
jacky brigman — charlotte 
donna lee broadway — charlotte 
cathy brooks — winston-salem 
doy brown — cherokee 
geraid houston brown — charlotte 
mona alitha brown — lake mary, fla. 

gary bryson — franklin 

windell howard buchanan — bakersville 

mary f. buckner — candler 

carolyn burchfield — robbinsville 

lu ada burchfiel — cullowhee 

brent austin burgess — black mountain 

william weston burgess — cullowhee 

pat burke — dover, delaware 
carole burleson — concord 
karen burrell — sylva 
chris v. burris — concord 
debra I. busby — charlotte 
Catherine m. busch — goldsboro 
linda buzinec — daytona beach, fla. 

terry byars — charlotte 

terry franklin byers — statesville 

Judy gayle cabe — sylva 

danny cable — hazelwood 

randall craig eagle — winston-salem 

sarah Campbell — robbinsville 

alan campos — swannanoa 

jackie lynette canipe — hickory 

Janice canipe — lawndale 

debbie carden — hollywood, fla. 

frank carlton — Stanley 

kitty caroselli — pembroke pines, fla. 

william robeson carpender — charlotte 

sharon kay carr — denver 


dark Joel carringer — robbinsville 
jo ann Carroll — reidsville 
nancy lea Carroll — ruffin 

carrie carroll — fayetteville 

w. todd casstevens — cullowhee 

brooks m. cavell — plantation, fla. 

mark reid cecil — greensboro 

Christine marie cesario — charlotte 

sammy I. chewning — kannapolis 

Joseph norman childs — cary 

maurice ray clampitt — bryson city 

debby dark — franklin 

diane clarke — asheville 

james a. cleaveland — highlands 

gibson s. elements — asheville 

John richard climer — charlotte 

gaye dine — statesville 

Johnnie d. dine — shelby 

william p. clippard — lenoir 

deborah j. close — asheville 

beverly d. cochran — sanford 

sheree leigh Cochrane — concord 

kimberly s. cockman — greensboro 

janice e. cogburn — candler 



lisa e. coin — franklin 

jim coman — asheville 

melinda s. conrad — winston-salem 

robert h. constante — waynesville 

phillip r. cook — Wilmington 

cynthia I. cooke — fayetteville 

wanda kay cookston — franklin 

william earl cooper — cary 
cheryl I. cothern — bryson city 
debra a. cottle — lenoir 
karen a. coughlin — asheville 
ronnie I. cowart — hayesville 
jerry lee crandall — asheville 
brenda'crane — franklin 

william b. Crawford III — hampton, va. 
sandra crews — winston-salem 
patricia ann crisp — bryson city 
mike cromer — cullowhee 
randy curry — decatur, ga. 
susan m. curtis — andrews 
Joan dale — spruce pine 

louie davidson — shelby 
joanna s. davis — raleigh 
rebecca gail dawson — Washington 
beverly dexter — miami, fla. 
elizabeth g. dickson — brevard 
judy f. dillard — franklin 
susan kay dills — cherokee 

philip dippy — cullowhee 
nancy j. dixon — spindale 
alan I. driskell — flat rock 
danette dutton — rockingham 
chris edmonds — fayetteville 
patricia a. edwards — goose bay, 
labrador, can. 
paula I. eldridge — charlotte 

randy elingburg — asheville 
blair el I is — winston-salem 
etheridge pepper — plymouth 
sharon everhart — lexington 
d. gary fain — winston-salem 
randy p. farmer — wake forest 
jeff fawcett — asheville 

marc fetter — winston-salem 
tony finger — newton 
k. lee folsom — lakeland, fla. 
jeff I. forrester — booneville 
John charles fort — winston-salem 
judy fort — winston-salem 
barry foster — asheville 

e. susan fowler — glenville 
elizabeth frazier — franklin 
denise p. frizzell — bryson city 
janet frye — hickory 
sheree fuller — andrews 
mark fulmer — winston-salem 
marshall o. gaddy — asheville 



william lee garner — southern pines 

anne gentry — waynesville 

robert dale gibson — goldsboro 

daniel h. gilbert — rutherfordton 

ronnell gill — kings mountain 

joe giuffreda — ft. lauderdale, fla. 

ruthie e. glascoe — forest city 

John w. godfrey — statesville 

don good — hickory 

ann o. gray — sylva 

renatoe rena gray — lawndale 

dick greene — spruce pine 

nancy e. green — raleigh 

jynell greer — Jacksonville 

dan w. griffin — charlotte 

g. steve grindstaff — old fort 

lois gail grissett — raleight 

buddy grissom — high point 

gary I. grogan — winston-salem 
alien lester guin — charlotte 
torn m. gustafson — brevard 

earnest dale hall — franklin 

gary d. hall — canton 

a. Judy hall — woodleaf 


I. dawn hall — king 
w.a. harni hon — gastonia 
Stephen lee hamrick — shelby 
david I. hand — hickory 
david haney — robbinsville 
vicki s. haney — murphy 
Jerri lynn hardee — clayton 

kirk hardesty — cullowhee 
ted hardgraves — clarkton 
richard d. harper — charlotte 
michael h. harris — hickory 
rita dianne harris — forest city 
dreajha lynn harrold — hays 
ralph harwood — mt. gilead 

jimmie d. hathcock — albemarle 

danny hawk — andrews 

greg hawkins — murphy 

becky hayes — cary 

sharon I. hayes — statesville 

debbie haynes — clyde 

landon conrad haynes III — hickory 

vickie haynes — charlotte 
patty hedgepath — durham 
dickie I. helms — monroe 
geri helms — charlotte 
jerry lee hensley — gastonia 
ronda lee henson — franklin 
kathy hicks — bryson city 

cathy s. hill — matthews 

alien r. hinegardner — valdese 

kathy g. hipps — asheville 

r. diane hipps — asheville 

susan hmielewski — plantation, fla. 

belinda dianna hogue — fayetteville 

jim holder — charlotte 

david I. hollar — asheville 

tairo h. hollar — hickory 

k. denise hollifield — charlotte 

j. david hollingsworth jr. — pisgah forest 

pamela dianne honeycutt — marion 

carl f. horton — black mountain 

linda m. houston — franklin 

lois e. howe — asheville 
d. bill hudgins — asheville 
robin huggins — reidsville 
danny I. hughes — burnsville 
I. gardner huie — raleigh 
John h. hunsucker — hickory 
lisa hunter — highlands 

sharon hyatt — cullowhee 
donna ingram — high point 
ethel Jackson — robbinsville 
Virginia kay jackson — andrews 
connie marie James — snow camp 
John c. James jr. — maiden 
bebe jarrell — charlotte 



robin I. Jenkins — asheboro 

claire marie Jensen — winston-salem 

michael d. Jeter — asheville 

deborah h. Johnson — magnolia 

pamela I. Johnson — brevard 

ron Johnson — charlotte 

charles baren Jones jr. — charlotte 

joe w. Jones — winston-salem 

mike jones — bryson city 

treva jones — Stanley 

vickie diane jones — old fort 

dennis kasprzyk — west palm beach, fla. 

henry c. kearns — high point 

cindy keehner — hendersonville 

len keever — black mountain 

m. bert kennedy — durham 

James b. killian jr. — gastonia 

karen a. kimsey — franklin 

g. eugene king — canton 

ida e. king — asheville 

patty kinnett — charlotte 

michael a. kirstein — asheville 

enneth george kiser jr. — bessemer city 

ray kivett — burlington 


laurie klinetobe — clemmons 
charles randy knight — fayetteville 
michael a. koballa — fayetteville 
John James koukis — asheville 
iva I. kreiling — greensboro 
lisa a. kussmaul — coshocton, ohio 
charles w. lail — troutman 

Joseph p. lamy — asheville 
lindaannlane — hendersonville 
nila kay lankford — shelby 
wanda t. laughlin — concord 
cindy a. lawson — asheville 
marsha r. lawson — wake forest 
danietfowler ledford — andrews 

ronnie ledford — wolf creek 
c. steve ledford — waynesville 
william ledford — Cherokee 
patty a. lee — ft. pierce, fla. 
robin renee lee — spring lake 
julie anne lethbridge — matthews 
martin e. levy — winston-salem 

gail lewis — sylva 

tim lewis — sylva 

c. reid lindsay — hickory 

joe lingerfelt — asheville 

robert lisenby — norwood 

linda I. little — lexington 

liz little — high point 

vade peter loftis III — charlotte 
r. charles lombard — delmar, n.y. 
alan long — asheville 
susan long — robbinsville 
alvin I. lowdermilk — spindale 
mark r. lunsford — fletcher 
robert carlton lyalls — hickory 

debbie mackie — yadkinville 
j. dev maguire — atlanta, ga. 
ruth mangum — fayetteville 
ed I. marquez — charlotte 
david r. marshall — cullowhee 
Judith m. marshall — fayetteville 
michael a. marshall — wake forest 

e. patty martin — spindale 
Janet martin — lenoir 
pam matson — sapphire 
debra ann matthews — gastonia 
nita j. matzen — seaford, del. 
cheryl a mc alphin — winston-salem 
cathi mc cord — huntersville 

k. dale mc cormick — charlotte 
tonja jan mc garr — charlotte 
terry mc gee — Stanley 
susan I. mc gugan — fayetteville 
kathy mc hugh — chapel hill 
katherine mc kinney — roxboro 
susan mc knight — shelby 



amy michele mc keon — new london 

greg mc lawhorn — cary 

keith mc taggart — hayesville 

retha meares — clarkton 

james melton — fayetteville 

Jackie a. melton — lenoir 

michael d. mercer — conover 

missy merten — el macero, calif. 

cynthia kay messer — waynesville 

sharon k. metcalf — candler 

leslie miller — gastonia 

carolyn mills — mebane 

larry edward mills — albemarle 

rebecca j. mills — luxembourg 

mike mingle — lenoir 

debs d. monteith — sylva 

david montgomery — decatur, ga. 

cathy moore — ellenboro 

hal moore — franklin 

thomas b. moore — charlotte 

amanda m. morgan — hayesville 

bonita r. morgan — granite quarry 

Janice f. morgan — Salisbury 

ash ley carlyle morris jr. — raleigh 

alvin a. morrow — hiwassee dam 

danny norman morrow — newton 

teresa I. moses — charlotte 

debbie mosteller — topton 

paula i. motsinger — winston-salem 

sandra h. mull — morganton 

wanda f. mull — Connelly springs 

richard neal murray — durham 

bonnie I. mustian — roanoke rapids 

robert f. myers — raleigh 

jo ann narron — ahoskie 

elizabeth p. nesbitt — cramerton 

melanie newsome — tobaccoville 

david britts nicholson — greensboro 

russ nicholson — raleigh 

teresa I. nicholson — franklin 

leslie I. nolan — edgemont 

bobbi nolen — plantation, fla. 

susan norton — franklin 

j. steve nuckolls — high point 

don alien oliver jr. — mt. gilead 

Joseph arthur orr — sandy ridge 

steven m. orr — asheville 

linda osterhage — atlanta, ga. 

timothy e. often — whittier 

shannon otterbourg — atlanta, ga. 

karen e. owen — statesville 

sharon owens — charlotte 

joe padgett — Cleveland 

rebecca i. painter — cullowhee 

jewel a. parham — hendersonville 

jan marie parrish — high point 




butch patrick — rockingham 

lisa patton — asheville 

t. gray peele — winston-salem 

lisa m. perron — hendersonville 
margaret r. petree — greensboro 
cathy phillips — durham 

debbie phillips — huntersville 
James verlon phillips — lexington 
I. scott philyaw — morganton 

peggy picking — charlotte 
Joyce pike — alexander 
joe pinson — murphy 

linda k. pittman — fairmont 
jimmy pleasants — greensboro 
j. mark plummer — goldsboro 

peggy s. poindexter — franklin 
bette I. porter — amesbury, mass, 
michelle porter — amesbury, mass. 

beth poveromo — charlotte 
margie powell — charlotte 
m. dean presson — charlotte 

brenda price — charlotte 

dale lawrence price — charlotte 

lamar price — hiuassee dam 



scott price — kings mountain 

John m. prier — bryson city 

k. diane propst — casar 

debbie putnam — shelby 

karen y. pyatt — franklin 

barry w. quickel — cherryville 

nancy quinn — greensboro 

sally rary — atlanta, ga. 

georgia e. ray — franklin 

joye d. ray — charlotte 

rebecca a. ray — lincolnton 

nan raynor — walkertown 

c. lynn reece — durham 

rob reed — cullowhee 

dennis reeves — winston-salem 

hightd. reid — lenoir 

donna revhl — miami, fla. 

sandy rice — weaverville 

r. michael ridenhour — norwood 

gale rindone — miami springs, fla. 

m. carol roberts — hillsborough 

peggy d. robertson — aberdeen 

ruby marie robinson — marion 

darenda a. rogers — high point 

dena Joyce rogers — high point 

jean e. romanowsky — winston-salem 

helene carol romer — greensboro 

mike scooter ruppert — lenoir 

chuck russell — charlotte 

gary w. sain — vale 

Judy c. sain — lynn 

donna g. sawyer — robbinsville 

diana schmertzler — hickory 

julie marie schultz — winston-salem 

lesa Sebastian — north wilkesboro 

Jackie k. setzer — catawba 

m. anita shamley — anderson 

linda shanklin — denver 

Steven h. shealy — taylorsville 

emily-earl Sheffield — patterson 

randy shelton — winston-salem 

kathy sherman — ft. lauderdale, fla. 

libby sherrill — hickory 

cynthia a. shields — roxboro 

scott alien shipton — greensboro 

carol rene shipwash — lexington 

janice shook — glenville 

Julia debra shook — glenville 

melanie shore — lakeland, fla. 

dale c. short — dobson 

michael h. shugart — greenville 

d. mitchell shull — shelby 

elaine i. silver — spruce pine 

lu ann sims — spindale 

susan r. sink — lexington 

carla a. sizemore — asheboro 


patricia skinner — dublin 

Joseph Clifford slack, jr. — fayetteville 

terry elaine smart — asheville 

byron carter smith — greenville 
barbara jane smith — charlotte 
betty sue smith — Connelly springs 

jan k. smith — cherokee 
lisa c smith — charlotte 
pennv smith — reidsville 

susan smith — asheville 
t. dean smith — brevard 
vigor c. smith, jr. — juipter, fla. 

bruce a. snelson — asheville 
melinda charline snipes — siler city 
beatrice elaine,snypes — nebo 

John a. sofley, jr. — granite quarry 
william scott spargo — gastonia 
mauricia kay sparks — kinston 

bruce e. sprague — greensboro 
margaret r. starnes — hickory 
I. jammie Stevens — sylva 

david x. Stewart — charlotte 
helen a. Stewart — pisgah forest 
david I. stiles — canton 



howard k. strand — fayetteville 

belinda s. Strom — hot springs 

charles dean stroschein — statesville 

martha s. stryon — winston-salem 

h. bradley sullivan — hickory 

torn sullivan — raleigh 

Joseph suttle — shelby 

deborah sutton — hickory 

Jennie d. talbert — sandis 

bryson m. tallent — cuhowell 

karen ann tallent — vale 

deborah taylor — waynesville 

debra jean taylor — wilson 

ronald I. taylor — clover 

Stephen burns taylor — charlotte 

cathy dawn teal — statesville 

alphonza thomas — winston-salem 

molly d. thompson — winston-salem 

jenny threatt — charlotte 

James j. timmons — greenville 

wilbert chip todd — charlotte 

mary lee toney — spindale 

mark g. toomey — cary 

mary I. toomey — robbinsville 

judy totherow — marble 

jan a. tracy — charlotte 

bennett z. travis — charlotte 

laura lee tritt — sylva 

wayne j. tucci — toms river 

george e. tucker — clemmons 

david turbyfill — spruce pine 

donnie I. turner — dunn 

gilbert j. turner — robbinsville 

scott turner — miami, fla. 

b. susan tuttle — greensboro 

pam tuttle — high point 

beth tyson — canton 

ann upton — crouse 

donald w. upton — vale 

sherra vance — morganton 

robbie vannoy — asheville 

sylvia d. vessels — fayetteville 

gary ladon vogler — mebane 

darrell keith vun cannon — troy 

wanda j. walker — spindale 

susan lynn waiters — shelby 

bill ward — valdese 

sandra I. ward — charlotte 

kim ware — n. wilkesboro 

carol ann watson — hildebran 

a. libby webb — sylva 

jean r. weil — plantation, fla. 

robert j. wertis — raleigh 

leanne carol west — greenville 

janet e. wetmore — homestead, fla. 

mary frances white — bradenton, fla. 


rose carol white — morganton 
waiter ronnie white — Windsor 
jim whitehead — winston-salem 

deborah a. wike — cherokee 
cindy williams — charlotte 
james m. williams — atlanta, ga. 

eddie Williamson — hiwassee dam 
patty wilson — gastonia 
Stephen p. wilson — shelby 

susan wilson — burnsville 
mark a. wise — kannapolis 
sherrill r. womick — rutherfordton 

linda gayl wood — otto 
Jeffrey e. wyant — spring lake 
garry wayne wyatt — east bend 

d. cindy wylie — charlotte 
teresa lynn wylie — kernersville 
denise yates — liberty 



randy p. abee — burlington 

susan lee absher — gastonia 

j. Joseph adams — robbinsville 

James j. adams — cullowhee 

jane ann albert — glenville 

margaret e. alien — robbinsville 

mitchell h. allison — matthews 

timothy f. amos — asheville 

cindy anderson — saluda 

kathy g. anthony — knightdale 

deborah a. armstrong — charlotte 

kathy m. arrowood — barnardsville 

raymond myles ashe — dallas 

j. valerie atkinson — charlotte 

karen ruth austin — cullowhee 

kenneth w. bailey — asheville 

alfred e. baker — concord 

sandra laura baker — charlotte 

billy baldwin — hudson 

kenneth robert baldwin — concord 

kenneth w. baldwin — mc leansville 

kathryn myers banner — charlotte 

layne a. barrett — webster 

albert I. baynard — rutherfordton 

annelle beall — Wilmington 

cynthia I. beam 

m. celeste beam — cherryville 

sherry beam — cherryville 

carla beck — statesville 

angie beeson — king 

danny I. bennett — wanger, texas 

keith w. berry — valdese 

brenda s. biggers — charlotte 

katherine j. billingsley — monroe 

lou e. black — charlotte 

gary I. blair — enka 

dennis h. blake — marion 

dexter e. blakley — greensboro 

james c. blalock — winston-salem 

karen bledsoe — wiesbaden, w. germany 

jody blythe — charlotte 

michael h. boger — sanford 

genevieve c. boles — norwood 

jan bost — Salisbury 

alice priscilla bowers — winter haven, fla. 

david w. bowers — high point 

helena bradley — cherokee 

pearl j. bradley — cherokee 

susan e. bradley — miami, fla. 

bill brady — siler city 

patricia gail brafford — concord 

melody jean brand — charlotte 

libby braswell — valdese 

John bridges — kings mountain 

marcia a. britt — asheville 

sylvia a. brooks — Salisbury 


becky brown — lake worth, fla. 
debra June brown — gastonia 
mina e. brown — hickory 

terri I. brown — hickory 
thomas g. brown — bryson-city 
toby I. brown — charlotte 

mickey s. buckner — enka 
judy a. bullis — gastonia 
joetta bumgarner — hudson 

torn burchfiel — cullowhee 
emily burke — mooresville 
cindy burnette — swannanoa 

joey dale burke — neon, ky. 
Steven I. burnette — asheville 
bobby e. burton — winston-salem 

nancy jane butkovich — coos bay, ore. 
leigh ann byers — hickory 
eddie bynum — lincolnton 

roger I. caldwell — asheville 
david w. cambre — atlanta, ga. 
John frank camp — flat rock 

renee Johnson camp — green creek 
c. alana carmichael — franklin 
jeannie e. cannon — rutherfordton 



rosario carelli — bronx, n.y. 

barry george carver — cashiers 

j. david cashion — winston-salem 

robert I. cauble — Salisbury 

h. kevin chambers — canton 

nada jane chrismon — asheboro 

linda Christopher — hickory 

James f. ciccolella — bethenia 

r onald cline — lenoir 

reida a. clodfelter — welcome 

ruthie coir — franklin 

dianne cooley — cullowhee 

carlos thomas cooper III — winston-salem 

j. t. corbett, jr. — hendersonville 

linda c. cordell — brevard 

rhonda sue cornwell — murphy 

sandra j. corpening — morganton 

June a. cotton — kipling 

nathan couch — elkin 

suzan council — chapel hill 

dell Courtney — charlotte 

garry d. covington — wadesboro 

Catherine cox — reidsville 

dorothy I. cox — franklin 


matthew a. coyne — hickory 

reid cox — high point 

bradley I. craver — winston-salem 

randy Crawford — sylva 

carole crawley — dysartsville 

robert reynolds Creech, jr. — charlotte 

karen crisp — bryson city 

william randall cross — charlotte 
sherry g. crowder — burlington 
dianne crowe — tryon 
John Stephen crump — arden 
sharon m. crouser — waynesville 
earl r. curran — Salisbury 
belinda"jo Curtis — granite falls 

ann marie cusick — charlotte 
susan dail — chapel hill 
kimberly d. daniels — kannapolis 
brenda g. davidson — greensboro 
carlton r. davidson — state road 
daniel e. davis — winston-salem 
patricia davis — waynesville 

david m. delaney — charlotte 
John j. deschenes — charlotte 
michael devine — new york, n.y. 
diane de vita — charlotte 
timothy alan de weese — asheville 
debra I. dillingham — asheville 
audrey dorn — hendersonville 

terry drum — maiden 
ron dukes — bryson city 
robin marie dunlap — arden 
barbara a. evans — graham 
wanda sue eagle — china grove 
susan edmundson — hendersonville 
liz edwards — asheville 

robert t. edwards — sylva 

robin anne edwards — cullowhee 

m. dawn eldridge — charlotte 

Jeffrey thomas elkins — fuquay varina 

roy a. eller — concord 

rick elliot — forest city 

gary I. earnhardt — Salisbury 

betsy jo eve — matthews 

kenneth scott eavenson — waynesville 

rosemary everhart — lexington 

linni everitte — greensboro 

bruce faulkner — charlotte 

kenneth alan fedder — easley 

wayne fender — marion 

Julian m. fields — raleigh 

katrina marion fields — durham 

James r. fitzgerald — fayetteville 

charles michael floyd II — greensboro 

t. lynne fouts — franklin 

h. ted fowlkes — greensboro 

edward keith fox — winston-salem 




gary dean fox — asheville 



revina jean fox — asheville 

V* r 

hope m. freeman — marion 



janet k. freeman — Washington, d. c. 

keith douglas frisbee — titusville, fla. 

John a. fulk — clemmons 

linda funderburk — marshville 

terry lynn furr — locust 

gary r. garrett — roxboro 

a. stokes gatewood — winston-salem 
philip r. gennett — asheville 
david b. gillespie — brevard 

ruby gillespie — brevard 

ginny godfrey — china grove 

joi j. godfrey — bryson city 

robert blair goodman — greensboro 

Jeffrey wayne gorsvch — hildebran 

dianna gosnell — marshall 

bonnie lee granville — harrisburg 

sam gray — winston-salem 

susan b. gray — asheville 

jack green — green's creek 

danny a. gregg — swannanoa 

garry r. gregory — greensboro 


holly patricia griffin — monroe 

susan grogan — leicester 

marshall glenn gunter — lincolnton 

brenda faye halford — enka 

chuck hall — enka 

debra j. hall — leicester 

gary j. hall — winston-salem 

v. pamela hall — charlotte 

marsha kay hampton — st. Petersburg 

beach, fla. 

dawn haney — murphy 

willa harbison — morganton 

amy hardee — hillsborough 

tony m. hardin — rutherfordton 

Steven harrell — goldsboro 

margaret j. harrelson — cherryvil 
rodney I. harrelson — statesville 
michael harris — siler city 
bobby haskett — sylva 
donnie hartsoe — cullowhee 
nancy n. hayes — wilkesboro 
david alien heagy — charlotte 

timothy howell hester — shelby 
beverly henderson — cullowhee 
gary p. henderson — winston-salem 
stevie henson — franklin 
b. jean hicks — fremont 
michael a. hicks — hillsborough 
rebecca m. hinkle — cherryville 

jeannie hinton — Wilmington 
Joyce m. hipps — whittier 
debra e hixon — greenville, s.c. 
sharon olivia hogsed — rosman 
tony I. hoilman — bakersville 
lawanna holland — canton 
mary holt — granite falls 

william charles hooper — yanceyville 

robert g. hooks — fremont 

lynn hope — Stanley 

anne horner — siler city 

terri melinda houser — gastonia 

teresa lynn hoyie — burlington 

pam humes — robbinsville 

clifton alien huss — lincolnton 
d. charles hyder — graham 
vaughan hyder — rutherfordton 
doris lee jackson — asheville 
Steven I. Jacobs — asheville 
debi a. Jenkins — cullowhee 
gloria carol Jennings — franklin 

gary Steven Johnson — brevard 
jerry Johnson — mcadenville 
victoria lee Johnson — fletcher 
tona I. Johnston — troutman 
annette louise jones — roxboro 
mike c. jones — shelby 
sherrie ann jones — charlotte 



sue a. jones — fayetteville 

marissa a. jolley — boiling springs 

larry b. June — granite fails 

susan junkermann — st. Petersburg, fla. 

kathy s. kaylor — marion 

debra j. keener — brevard 

carla renae kennedy — concord 

I. suzanne kepley — concord 

meg kiernan — cary 

david alan kilpatrick — charlotte 

j. robert kluttz — louisville, ky. 

chip koontz — arden 

debra lakey — winston-salem 

anita lankford — cherryville 

Jennie leake — danbury 

louie kevin lee — shelby 

sarah k. lehman — hickory 

tommy leonard — thomasville 

Johnnie lewis — cullowhee 

mary beth lingle — monroe 

elaine g. littlejohn — asheville 

mary ruth liverman — new bern 

renee loisel — atlanta, ga. 

cynthia long — raleigh 


gary m. long — asheville 

Barbara love — concord 

brent love — winston-salem 

sandra kaye lowry — cary 

bruce a. lunsford — pleasant garden 

Julia a. lynch — garner 

judy ann mackey — hendersonville 

kathy darlene mackey — hendersonville 

lauralyn a. mac lean — arden 

jay paul maconi — highlands 

John makinson — franklin 

sid marley — goldsboro 

c.l. marshall — winston-salem 

diana I. marshall — pfafftown 

r.f. martin — shelby 

peter joel marx — charlotte 

jana lea mason — durham 

kim mastman — lake junaluska 

mitzi c. mayes — whitesburg, ky. 

toni I. mayfield — hickory 

melinda mc cracken — waynesville 

colleen mc garry — sarasota, fla. 
paulette mc guirt — charlotte 
paul a. mc intyre — gibsonville 
peggy mc laney — charlotte 
cynthia susan mc manus — waxhaw 
timothy e. mc neely — atlanta, ga. 
kathy s. mc swain — shelby 

jane m. medcalf — n. wilkesboro 

dale medlock — asheville 

sharon denise mehaffey — hazelwood 

camille melchor — mooresville 

donna I. merck — charlotte 

r. suzanne messer — waynesville 

randy alan metcalf — enka 

karen ann meyer — franklin 

barbara jean miesiaszek — monroe 

mary beth miller — valdese 

janet waynette millsaps — sylva 

Stewart milton — monroe 

james franklin mitchell — thomasville 

jan moody — waynesville 

margo moore — reidsville 
pamela lynne moore — statesville 
terry m. moore — wellford 
david moorefield — stokesdale 
Joyce ann moretz — boone 
betsy c. morgan — weaverville 
jan morris — valdese 

mary lynn morris — high point 
turner a. morrison — davidson 
warren f. morrison — arden 
scott m. mortenson — oak park, ill 
patrick m. murphy — hickory 
I. marie myers — valdese 
brenda k. nations — cherokee 



randy neal — waxhaw 

ellen d. needham — asheville 

wanda I. nelson — mayodan 

albert nichols — waynesville 

ann m. nichols — robbinsville 

c. gary nicholson — sylva 

terry I. nielson — high point 

linda kay noblett — hendersonville 

r. scott noblett — bessemer city 

donna I. norwood — monroe 

d. cathy oaks — valdese 

e. david Oliver — winston-salem 

mary wesley o'neal — walnut cove 

William j. otten — whittier 

billie elizabeth owen — asheville 

charles parker — marion 

david parker — burlington 

imes russell parker, jr. — lake waccamaw 

peggy parrish — franklin 
roger f. parsons — bryson city 
paula a. patton — mooresville 

toni susan pegg — winston — salem 

I. elaine pence — Cleveland 

karen perkins — asheville 

*mC *:& /**$;£&' 



mark f. pierce — high point 

John I. pinkerton, jr. — enka 

cathy pipes — hudson 

clarice pittillo — mountain home 

joe c. pitts — glen alpine 

r. robert planer — gastonia 

roger dale plemens — franklin 

keith ivester poole — shelby 
d. elaine pope — fayetteville 
buddy porter — rocky mount 
John t. posey — Jamestown 
bill poteat — drexel 
larry alan powers — lincolnton 
dawn louisa price — maiden 

paul f. price — black mountain 
pollye e. pruitt — hayes 
richard d. queen — sylva 
katherine c. quinn — miami, fla. 
red ramsey — murphy 
rhonda I. randolph — Stanley 
kathy rausch — charlotte 

karen y. ray — fayetteville 
scott freeman redd — charlotte 
joey k. reece — waynesville 
penny ann reich — clemmons 
robert d. reid, jr. — clearwater, fla. 
mary renckens — charlotte 
robin d. reneau — franklin 

emerson richards — shepherd's bush, eng. 

d. kaye rickman — franklin 

Janet a. rickman — Stanley 

hoyte b. roberson — webster 

judy m. roberts — sw'annanoa 

dewey v. robinson — waxhaw 

ebbie c. robinson — shelby 

earl wayne rogers — murphy 
margaret I. rogers — waynesville 
mitchell t. rogers — robbinsville 
sara m. rogers — robbinsville 
richard rognstad — charlotte 
rick rose — elkin 
barbara j. ross — waynesville 

kathy ross — waynesville 
cynthia k. rummage — albemarle 
patti s. russell — Salisbury 
lynne scales — winston-salem 
cheryl seeber — winston-salem 
mark je serres — chapel hill 
susan g setzer — morganton 

elizabeth a. sherrill — hudson 
philistine shipman — whiteville 
betty dalton shook — boone 
kathy shook — hickory 
caroi j. shore — mocksville 
ricky shuford — asheville 
alan neal simmons — asheboro 



sharon I. sipe — hickory 

debra lynn smith — clemmons 

j.p. smith III — charlotte 

mark s. smith — greer, s.c. 

orvilla jean smith — waynesville 

pamela Joyce smith — high point 

judy sneed — cherokee 

terry snyder — charlotte 

kenneth wayne sowers — marion 

John davis sparks — lewisville 

max spaugh — winston-salem 

connlly s. spencer — catawba 

Jennie stallings — asheville 

susan j. stallings — asheville 

s. elaine stanfield — franklin 

debbie Stephens — hickory 

tedd a. Stevens — charlotte 

phyllis kay Stewart — charlotte 

kenneth robert stikeleather — waxhaw 

c.e. stiles — franklin 

debra jane stiles — gastonia 

michael Stockton — elkin 

thomas eugene stone — nebo 

greta p. stookey — high point 

robert bryan stutts — clemmons 

pauline ann styles — sylva 

rhonda I, summers — gibsonville 

Janice r. swanger — waynesville 

william e. sykes — burlington 

eric tallent — franklin 

linda r. tarlton — wadesboro 

michael f. tate — waynesville 

a. dianne taylor — highlands 

lane taylor — asheville 

teresa m. teague — ramseur 

teresa tennyson — greensboro 

cynthia thaxton — reidsville 

deborah a. thomas — albemarle 

beth thomas — greenville 

joe c. thomas, jr. — cullowhee 

Jacqueline thompson — hendersonville 

james robbie thompson — clyde 

janice townsend — fairmont 

robert s. travers — cullowhee 

karol kay trull — canton 

arolyn r. turnbough — big stone gap, va. 

james h. turner — london, eng. 

kathy m. turner — inurganton 

kathryn ann unger — franklin 

m. elizabeth vaughn — selma, ala. 

torn vernon — cullowhee 

kathy I. waldrop — brevard 

linaa k. waldroup — robbinsville 

brenda lee walker — hendersonville 

Johnnie d. walker — hickory 

joan e. walker — bryson city 


donna a. wall — marion 
randall keith ward — sylva 
phyllis mane warlick — ellenboro 

pamela June watkins — albemarle 
lisa I. watson — lenoir 
norma I. watson — columbus 

robert taft watson — cullowhee 
johnny e. webber, jr. — shelby 
carol ann west — franklin 

lyle west — franklin 

James michael wetter — concord 

pam whisnant — polkville 

keith p. white — salem, n.y. 
david g. whitley — charlotte 
robert I. whitley — albemarle 

b. diane whitlock — gastonia 
marsha lee wilcox — greensboro 
angela hope Williams — wilson 

dona karen Williams — lexington 
earl Williams — mt. airy 
robin Williams — asheboro 

frances lee willard — high point 
I. Joan willis — franklin 
kathy j. womack — franklin 



carolyn v. woody — asheville 

sherri lynn woosley — la belle, fla. 

debbie kay wright — garysburg 

t. michael wright — grover 

Joseph edward yelton — asheville 

alice a. yeomans — shelby 

m. lynn york — asheboro 

donna youngblood — burlington 

mark alien yount — claremont 

phen gemot yountz — winston-salem 

doris Christina zichy — asheville 


clyde m. alexander — charlotte 
wanda j. alexander — asheville 
nancy jane ariail — belmont 

christie arney — cullowhee 
beverly sanders ashmore — tryon 
elisabeth scott ashmore — tryon 

ann askins — waynesville 
david I. atkins — raleigh 
patricia atkins — barnardsville 

James a. bare — hudson 

gerald j. barnes — winston-salem 

beverly a. baynard — horse shoe 

reggie m. beam — cherryville 
wayne beam — dallas 
jeff bean — lenoir 

William r. becker — bryson city 
eula christine benfield — newland 
velda ann benfield — statesville 

daryl von bennett — munich, ger. 
lorrie ann berry — canton 
bruce alan billstein — cullowhee 

jo e. binford — charlotte 
phebe black — cherryville 
ronald m. blackley — cary 



marty r. blair — candler 

f. Steven blalock — andrews 

kathy a. blalock — china grove 

John b. blevins — Congo 

deborah I. boger — winston-salem 

billy mack bolick, jr. — claremont 

sharon h. boring — hiwassee dam 

dorothy c. bowers — sylva 

jerry f. bowers — high point 

william marvin bowers III — oerton, ga. 

brenda f. bowman — east bend 

mike g. bowman — hickory 

karen elaine bracken — hayesville 

doris k. bradley — cherokee 

John w. bradley — miami, fla. 

vickie bradley — rutherfordton 

robert bradshaw — atlanta, ga. 

beverly brady — sylva 

Joseph brawley — cherokee 

edwin earl bridges — ramseur 

david c. brinkley — valdese 

jack a. brinkley — asheville 

david lynn brooks — andrews 

bobby brown — shelby 

cindy brown — charlotte 

Stephen c. brown — cullowhee 

sherry bryant — supply 

susan bulloch — arden 

v. d. burch — clyde 

jane burket — st. Petersburg, fla. 

patsy ann burleson — stanfield 

lee carawan — concord 

diane k. carlevato — Wilmington, del. 

abagail w. carpenter — shelby 

barbara marie carter — monroe 

pam case — albemarle 

greg cheadle — hendersonville 

bethany I. childs — candler 

robert g. chilton — winston-salem 

Joseph m. dark — charlotte 

John s. clarke — abemarle 

brenda g. clayton — timberlake 

hilary cobb — waynesville 

cynthia Jeanne coffin — elizabethtown 

brent cogdill — waynesville 

diane adele cogdill — mt. holly 

elizabeth ann coley — burlington 

brenda daye cook — pendleton 

edith m. cook — franklin 

lawana e. cooper — cherokee 

brad corpening — canton 

sheila costner — shelby 

ginny cothran — shelby 

marcia anne covington — durham 

hazel cowan — rutherfordton 

hetty rodes cox — reidsville 

susan leigh Crawford — franklin 
debby crayton — new bern 
george s. Crockett — cartoogechaye 

howe Crockett — franklin 

h. elaine cromer — kannapolis 

gail ann cushman — irvington, n.y. 

brian e. dalton — Salisbury 

greg daugherty — black mountain 

marcia b. davies — cullowhee 

beverly davis — waynesville 
edna marie davis — asheville 
g. gail davis — lincolnton 

nita I. davis — cary 

deborah I. debruhl — asheville 

myrtice d. dendy — highlands 

james m. denning — raleigh 
s. kathryn denny — durham 
brenda derreberry — drexel 

bobby desanto — greensboro 
Stephen b. dickey — murphy 
John robert dillard — sylva 

charles hiram dockham II — Salisbury 

lisa lorayne duke — bartow, fla. 

I. brooke dunwoody, jr. — miami, fla. 



gary lee eaker — shelby 

jon w. eaker — pineville 

doug edwards — high point 

deborah e. edwards — robbinsville 

donna edwards — high point 

jay r. edwards — rutherfordton 

peggy edwards — shelby 

terry edwards — waynesville 

david ellis — forest city 

sharon lynn epley — morganton 

Joan denise estridge — mount holly 

\ clifton wm. evans — graham 

eileen f. fallath — asheville 

micheal d. farlow — asheville 

s. paula farmer — murphy 

forrest g. fleming II — morganton 

barbara flenniken — charlotte 

m. carson floyd — polkville 

richard ford — waynesville 

patricia lynn forster — newark, del. 

t. michael former — bryson city 

linda g. foster — murphy 

linda fowle — asheboro 

carol Ivnn fowler — rockfish 

gerald wavne fowler — winston-salem 

h.l. dare freeman — wadesboro 

rebecca fritz — hickory 

reece fulk — mocksville 

ronnie h. gant — greensboro 

dwight jimmy gantt — cherryville 

michael m. ganzert — winston-salem 

bruce gibbs — asheville 

bobby gilmore — siler city 

frieda kaye graham — charlotte 

Jackie d. gray — winston-salem 

steven c. green — cook's inlet, alaska 

deborah lynn griffin — charlotte 

dotty griff ith — reidsville 

gary max grindstaff — old fort 

terry e. guest — franklin 

sandra s. hageman — murphy 

mariann haisley — asheville 

thomas e. hall — franklin 

jill hallas — st. Petersburg, fla. 

cheryl ann hamlett — durham 

dennis g. hamrick — drexel 

barbara I. handy — raleigh 

kathy leen hannon — tryon 

c. parker hardy — kinston 

mitzi carol hardv — concord 

david w. harris, jr. — charlotte 

portia harris — Spartanburg, s.c. 

Jeanne harvey — burlington 

Stephen p. hatchett — murphy 

david lee haynes — canton 

michele e. heath — hillsborough 


mike sherrell heffner — bryson city 
debbie s. hendrix — concord 
wesley brooks hensley — burnsville 

reeda shawn herndon — asheville 
ken herron — burlington 
ned hinshaw — durham 

betty j. hinshaw — durham 
raymond d. hobby — charlotte 
rex alan hobson — yadkinville 

thomas c. holden — raleigh 
jane hooper — franklin 
linda h. hooper — cullowhee 

ronald lamounte hoskins — shelby 

katie I. hoyle — sylva 

carolyn a. hudgins — rutherfordton 

nancy s. huffman — hildebran 

gil huggins — brevard 

p. steve huie — kannapolis 

george k. humphries — asheville 
teresa b. hunter — franklin 
barbra hyde — asheville 

dennis r. icenhour — taylorsville 
marianne ingram — kernesville 
fred a. irving, jr. — concord 


joan e. israel — brevard 
lee a. Jackson — greensboro 
cathy Jenkins — wadesboro 

m. jane Jenkins — gastonia 

nicky j. Jenkins — robbinsville 

eileen k. jensen — winston-salem 

arlean f. Johnson — charlotte 

sheila d. Johnston — black mountain 

elizabeth b. Jones — belmont 

Christine jones — sylva 

robert m. jones — winston-salem 

vivian a. jones — brown summit 

william darryl jones — eden 

f. john joyner — charlotte 

debbie elizabeth keener — sylva 

pam m. kidd — waynesville 

timothy s. kincaid — newton 

Joseph m. king — roanoke 

missy king — winston-salem 

martha r. knupp — old fort 

penny knupp — old fort 

hank e. komodowski — atlanta, ga. 

james m. kumle — franklin 

john edward kyger — Jacksonville 


w mm. 


John randy lackey — cherryville 
n. camille lancaster — hendersonville 
william e. lanning, jr. — arden 
g. anne lathan — mount holly 
karen leatherwood — sylva 
wanda ann ledford — marion 
david m. le grand — shelby 

faron d. leigh — shelby 

debra j. lindsay — burlington 

grady edward lippard, jr. — statesville 

jan lloyd — hillsborough 

james locke — Jamestown 

robert I. logan — marion 

vickie looper — hudson 

harrill lovelace — shelby 
mitch lowery — winston-salem 
joe h. lowry, jr. — winston-salem 
fred d. lyerly — Salisbury 
sandra b. mac kinnon — sylva 
susie mac leish — armonk, new york 
hugh maness, jr. — statesville 

d. mickey maney — sylva 

joe I. mann — union grove 

kathie s. mason — livonia, new york 

robert lee mason — hendersonville 

martin w. maxwell — robbinsville 

charles ruffin mayberry — rocky mount 

mike mc connell — statesville 

donna yvonne mc daniel — marion 
linda ree mc donough — boone 
timothy a. mc entire — swannanoa 
debbie mc intosh — swannanoa 
chris mc kellar — charlotte 
bryon k. mc lean — charlotte 
ruth c. mc mullan — graham 

dannette e. mc young — hendersonville 

melinda s. meade — teheran, iran 

Stephen e. medlin — gastonia 

gary mewborne — lake lure 

carl miller — Salisbury 

edieth carolice miller — lexington 

jo ann martin miller — greenwood, s.c. 

carolyn denise mills — lake norman 
charles j. milner — waynesville 
m. frances mincey — cullowhee 
judy misenheimer — Salisbury 
charlene mitchell — hickory 
bert mohunk — highlands 
c. bev. moore — Jamestown 

larry louis moore — kings mountain 
judith I. mott — plant city, fla. 
roger vaughn myers — lexington 
cindy nache' — black mountain 
richard I. newton — Stanley 
mary ann noland — waynesville 
larry keith norman — morganton 

W ' 



Cynthia r. nybro — arden 

valerie oder — charlotte 

susan marion o'leary — greensboro 

beverly olson — winston-salem 
jody orton — murphy 
don osborn — sanford 

cindy a. overshines — Cincinnati, ohio 

debbie a. painter — sylva 

vie parks — asheboro 

cecil b. patterson — robbinsville 
robin s. patterson — brevard 
Stephanie patton — rockville 

stan b. pendergraft — marion 

roger penny — charlotte 

glenda perkins — robbinsville 

s. andre perkins — burlington 

bob pharr — concord 

Jessica ann phelps — sendai, japan 

amelia a. phillips — charlotte 
amy jo phillips — albemarle 
Jennifer phipps — asheville 

mike phipps — asheville 
brad pierce — thomasville 
lesa t. pierce — high point 


linda jane pixley — charlotte 
Judy poarch — lenoir 
carroll w. poovey, jr. — hickory 
angelique I. powell — morganton 
debbie powell — ocean isle beach 
ralph w. pressley — hazelwood 
carolyn e. price — creedmoor 

bill price — monroe 
barbara joy pritchett — miami, f la. 
ronnie p. pugh — greensboro 
beth pullen — winston-salem 
susan a. pyles — burlington 
leslie b. queen — lexington 
kirn ramsey — sylva 

barbara ray — sylva 

nancy ray — weaverville 

david raymond — charlotte 

cindy e. rector — valdese 

norman j. rector — weaverville 

pamela j. richardson — winston-salem 

vicki richmond — belmont 

Stephen f. riggs — chattanooga, tenn. 
kenneth I. robbins — lenoir 
diane roberts — charlotte 
james wm. robertson — eden 
david w. roper — winston-salem 
vicki lynn routh — Stanley 
betty rumley — hickory 

timothy s. ryan — charlotte 
elizabeth I. sams — candler 
sharon n. Scarborough — asheville 
susan i. Scarborough — asheville 
james r. schlunz — brevard 
norman r. schoer — buffalo, n.y. 
drusilla I. scott — connelly springs 

mike secreast — lenoir 
sandy h. segal — roxboro 
margaret r. setser — franklin 
roland a. setzer — belmont 
leigh a. shackelton — asheville 
kathy a. shaver — asheville 
george m. shelton — yanceyville 

pam shepherd — hickory 
warren shinn — charlotte 
dianne shirley — winston-salem 
sid shirley — winston-salem 
randi shook — boone 
arlene shore — cooleemee 
Jerrys, siler — siler city 

phyllis jean simpson — canton 
david I. sizemore — asheboro 
audrey lee smith — walhalla, s.c. 
carlton w. smith — st. pauls 
d. edward smith — concord 
deborah a. smith — lawsonville 
grant smith — sun valley, idaho 


j. mike smith — waynesville 

karen I. smith — tryon 

karen s. smith — granite falls 

randal craig smith — greensboro 

sherri jo smith — pilot mountain 

thomas a. smith — asheville 

terri a. smith — charlotte 

cary r. smithey — moravian falls 

j. e. smart — clyde 

marilee a. sonnenschein — winston-salem 

richard d. sparks — ronda 

milton I. staley — Julian 

martin stankus — rocky mount 

vickie Stephens — sylva 

dennis louis Stewart — winston-salem 

lynne stiles — durham 

donald ellsworth storer — canton 

Joyce stout — newland 

patricia m. stowe — gastonia 

marlene v. strand — fayetteville 

robin s. street — bakersville 

Judith I. stroud — marion 

jane sturdivant — north wilkesboro 

joye summey — brevard 




jack summers — charlotte 

jimmie swain, jr. — baltimore, md. 

marvin swanson — hayesville 

takashi taki — tokyo, japan 

alien w. tate — brevard 

carl taylor — sanford 

mary j. taylor — st. Petersburg, fla. 

walton teague — gibsonville 
frederic d. theriault — hyattsville, md. 
lee thomas — holcombe br. 
emmette gray thompson — cullowhee 
mark Stephen thompson — raeford 
terry dale thompson — clyde 
jane k.-tidwell — belmont 

m. fatih tilev — turkey, t.c. 
audrey dianne tilson — franklin 
c.w. tilson, jr. — asheville 
james e. tinsley — high point 
dianne I. tipton — bakersville 
edwina todd — hendersonville 
david tripp — cullowhee 

deborah I. trogdon — asheboro 

kay turkelson — hickory 

kathy i. turner — rose hill 

kenneth samuel turner — burlington 

harrison d. tyner — burnsville 

Jill ann ulsenheimer — cullowhee 

vixie allison vaughn — selma, ala. 

dale r. voss — charlotte 

megan s. vowell — bradenton, fla. 

scott waldrop — lynn 

dixie walker — elkin 

barbara a. wallace — flat rock 

gary Wallace — shelby 

lynn Wallace — charlotte 

roger ward — thomasville 
cheryl warren — elizabeth city 
e. karen watson — murphy 
flip watson — Columbia, s.c. 
joe watts — drexel 
barbara sue webb — pineola 
warren c. webb — burnsville 

waiter t. weeks, jr. — cullowhee 
alta janelle wells — canton 
patricia dianne wells — polkville 
janna vee werthem — ocean isle beach 
ron Westmoreland — murphy 
kenneth ray wheeler — charlotte 
william a. wheeler, jr. — waynesville 

bonnie s. white — Salisbury 
lloyd m. wiley — cullowhee 
patsy g. wilkins — monroe 
cynthia s. willard — charlotte 
Judith marie Williams — high point 
robert h. williams — maggie valley 
robert steve williams, jr. — waynesville 


wiley willingham — asheville 

c. douglas wilson — charlotte 

harold gray wilson, jr. — mocksville 

harold s. wilson — Jamestown 

j.l. wilson — lincolnton 

I. diann wilson — clayton 

levon e. wilson — charlotte 

mary tricinda wilson — mt. holly 

patrick t. wilson — high point 

vicki wilson — broadway 

william vann wilson — charlotte 

h. david winters — lake junaluska 

John thomas wix — hendersonville 

cynthia wright — balsam 

donald r. wright — canton 

richard wright — graham 

dennis paul wooten — cullowhee 

gerald p. yates — lexington 

ted m. yoder — hickory 

reilly w. young — hickory 

frankie j. younts — high point 

gary dean zumstein — asheville 




harold d. adams — bryson city 
jane h. adams — bryson city 

Stephen b. adams — statesville 
pamela levonne adickes — st. simon isl., 


linda m. agner — cherryville 
mike alexander — morganton 

r. glenn alexander, HI — murphy 
jean allman — saluda 

ronald d. amos — eden 
gerald d. asher — charlotte 

sharon h. asher — charlotte 
ronald mark atwood — thomasville 

fa mmm 


silvia a. aubuchon — winston-salem 
susan f. austin — newton 
Janice marie bailey — asheville 
rebecca s. bailey — north bend, ore. 
shelia ann baker — state road 

vicki elizabeth baldwin — winston-salem 
william g. barbour — hillsborough 
randall I. barnett — murphy 
t.a. baroody, jr. — sanford 
ricki blair barrow — eden 

jon e. barton — charlotte 

karen s. bates — china grove 

susan c. bates — erie, pa. 

cathy beal — cary 

jeanette elaine beaudry — graham 

wanda lavada beck — sylva 
willis Stephen beck — waynesville 
nancy m. bennett — asheville 
renitia bertduzzi — st. pete, — fla. 
doug black — catawba 

Suzanne r. black — asheville 
susan I. blackerby — atlanta 
david m. blackney — charlotte 
van blanton — shelby 
John m. blount — Salisbury 

charles h. blythe — charlotte 
r. scott bowen, jr. — winston-salem 
leslie ann boyan — highlands 
ralph e. brafford, jr — charlotte 
douglas a. bridges — casar 



michael r. bridges — shelby 
paul b. bright — hickory 

m. elaine broach — wilkesboro 
m. elaine brooks — sylva 

brenda j. brown — hendersonville 
charles brown — sanford 

daniel k. brown — forest city 
prissy brown — seneca 

robert edwin brown — annandale, va. 
libby buchanan — charlotte 

gloria buchanan — waynesville 
regina buchanan — cullowhee 



alison e. bryson — waynesville 
terrie buckner — mt. olive 
nelson g. bumgarner — cullowhee 
trenda bumgarner — granite falls 
judy burnett — bryson city 

becky burnett — bryson city 
lucinda burns — bryson city 
cathy j. butler — bryson city 
b. elmira caldwell — Salisbury 
douglas h. canipe — cullowhee 

kay e. carden — sylva 
steve david carpenter — cullowhee 
wanda carpenter — norwood 
keith david carroll — ruffin 
danny b. carswell — valdese 

jan carswell — waynesville 
gary e. carter — weaverville 
libby carter — eden 
jeanne ann causby — morganton 
sally m. chance — greensboro 

marilyn anne chandler — mars hill 
betsy wooten chapman — millboro 
c.k. chastain, III — shelby 
p.l. cheek — chapel hill 
darrell h. dark — waynesville 

lynn a. dark — hendersonville 
nancy day dark — charlotte 
mike dark — cullowhee 
mark claxton — cherokee 
William byram clayton — durham 



alice woodard clement — waynesville 
robert j. elements — clyde 

donna r. clemmer — dallas 
martha m. clodfelter — lexington 

waiter dorian clonts — culberson 
knox bess cobb — waynesville 

jan coleman — greenville, sc 
Jeff c. collins — elkin 

karen congdon — high point 
fred e. connor — cullowhee 

william p. conroy — ny., ny. 
Steven craig cook — burlington 


vickey I. cope — ringgold 
julia b. corbett — charlotte 
thomas w. corbin — franklin 
barbara donna cordell — charlotte 
fran council — charlotte 

jimmy covington — haw river 
aubrey james coward, 1 1 — cherokee 
lanny cox — asheboro 
rodney m. cress — concord 
Joyce crosby — dallas 

kathy curie — lumberton 
becky curie — lumberton 
jan currence — asheville 
diana starr dalton — concord 
susan heron david — hendersonville 

james michael davidson — franklin 
deborah e. davis — bryson city 
laurie jean davis — candler 
ricky k. davis — robbinsville 
samuel c. davis — lexington 

samuel d. davis — murphy 
shirley r. davis — high point 
susan davis — Jamestown 
vicki s. davis — statesville 
larry n. de bruhl — goldsboro 

janis anne dellinger — charlotte 
connie eckard dennis — conover 
ricardo leirra de soto — charlotte 
vikki de soto — charlotte 
aaron I. devinney — belmont 



susan kay deweese — asheville 

terry e. dewese — huntersville 

daniel dickens — raleigh 

joe digges — cullowhee 

Joyce r. dills — cullowhee 

r. keith dinkins — yadkinville 

carol lee dixon — west caldwell, n.j. 

vivian delanie dobbins — asheboro 

lewis h. dorsett — mt. gilead 

norris I. dover — burnsville 

sarah g. duffy — raleigh 

phyllis mclean dunn — laurinburg 

jerry edmundson — east flat rock 

Catherine lee edwards — williamston 

barbara j. elliott — franklin 

James g. english — bryson city 

kathy ensley — sylva 

donna j. fender — sparta 

gary lee fishel — winston-salem 

anita r. fisher — asheville 

donald dark foster — cullowhee 

donna I. foster — charlotte 

James f. fowler — sylva 

dale fox — statesville 

barbara s. francis — greensboro 

sheila gail franklin — waynesville 

clyde freeman — asheville 

debbie j. freeze — clyde 

william david frye — albemarle 

robert funk — henderson 


carole ann gabriel — lenoir 
berry jo gainey — new bern 

j. martin gaither — enfield 
teresa sharon galloway — candler 

james william gardner — belmont 
Janice anita garner — randleman 

david garren — flat rock 

susan elaine garrison — haw river 

nancy margaret georgion — clemson, s.c. 
rita darlene gillett — waynesville 

debbie gilreath — asheville 
alma jane godwin — Salisbury 



bar granam — asheville 

Jennifer d. gray — gastonia 

roy I. greene — bryson city 

Carolyn a. greenwood — kernersville 

sam k. greenwood — franklin 

jean gregory — franklin 

bonnie j. grier — asheville 

g. alan griffin — valdese 

p. dianne griffin — hendersonville 

Judy irene guffey — dallas 

nancie guge — waynesville 

judy gupton — asheville 

karen lynn hale — eden 

sandi g. hall — mt. airy 

mike I. hampton — bryson city 

robert morgan harbison — bryant, ark. 

karen hardison — fayetteville 

lynn a. harkins — canton 

John alien harrington, jr. — sanford 

carol harrison — columbus 

marty harrison — raleigh 

michael lane hartsell — oakboro 

tony phillip hartsel — albemarle 

Joyce h. haskins — greensboro 

curtis hawkins — cullowhee 

michael ward heilbronn — horse shoe 

michael w. henderson — asheville 

Julie c. hendricks — canton 

ken w. henry — flat rock, mich. 

dennis ray hepler — statesville 


james william hester, jr — winston salem 
james c. highfill — asheville 

Stephen edward hill — murphy 
debra lowman hinegardner — valdese 

annette hogan — valdese 

edwin reginald holland — high point 

thomas william holland — andrews 
vicki holt — winston salem 

marsha hooper — cullowhee 
johnny f. howie — mineral springs 

william m. hubbard — eden 
maxine c. hunter — ruffin 


sherman joe hunter — brevard 

byna r. huskey — bryson city 

susan I. hutchens — mocksville 

deborah kay hutchins — valdese 

John s. hyatt — whittier 

penny wilson icard — hildebran 

roy I. icard — icard 

gary e. ingle — asheville 

brenda susan Jackson — shelby 

kathy jo Jamison — sylva 

betty jenrette — asheville 

debbie Johnston —black mountain 

ted m. Johnson — eden 

beryl Jones — andrews 

deborah c. Jones — cullowhee 

r.f. jones — bethleham 

keith h. Joyce — winston-salem 

martha barren Joyce — fayetteville 

pamela Justus — hendersonville 

cindy beth karp — woodridge, n.y. 

dorothy keith — hendersonville 

cara elizabeth kepley — concord 

pamela k. kesler — charlotte 

deborah shuford king — asheville 

katherine kinley — dallas 

judy elaine kirby — morganton 

Steven I. kirstein — asheville 

barbara lynne knapp — winston-salem 

betty m. lail — bostie 

william b. lammi — raleigh 



j. manson lancaster — mooresville 
jack I. land, jr. — asheville 

reese lasher — weaverville 
James e. laughlin — sanford 

besan h. le blanc — fayetteville 
yvonne welker leigh — greensboro 

connie yvonne lester — bryson city 
Catherine lloyd — charlotte 

cindy lomax — monroe 
jon charles long — asheville 

shirley s. long — charlotte 
joe lopes — union city, n.j. 


James william love — canton 
andrea page lowder — albemarle 

donna lowder — albemarle 
b.j. lowery — charlotte 

everette e. lyde — hamlet 
j.e. mathis — granite quarry 

kaye mathis — waynesville 
marie a. mancinelli — shelby 

donna r. mauney — bessemer city 
jim mc brayer — shelby 

sharon mc connell — otto 
kent mc corkle — greensboro 



angela g. mc cormick — morganton 
rhonda f . mc coy — franklin 
nancy w. mc cracken — waynesville 
gary I. mc daniel — gastonia 
vickey c. mc daniel — greenville 

Stephen james mc donald — murphy 
linda margaret mc dowell — woodfin 
perry mc knight — Salisbury 
ernest thornton mc laney — charlotte 
sandra lee meek — skyland 

anderson c. messer — waynesville 
kam messick — charlotte 
Joseph k. metz — cramerton 
margaret ann miesiaszek — monroe 
mary ann miller — waynesville 

tommy miller — asheville 
alan wayne monteith — bryson city 
bruce arthur moon — hartsville 
karen sue moore — charlotte 
Stephen f. moore — asheville 

bill moore — freeze hill 

judy morgan — highlands 

mary j. morrison — burlington 

lynda j. morgan — asheville 

newyl jean morgan — black mountain 

gary d. morman — asheville 

nancy susan morse — saluda 

burma penelope murdock — orlando, fla. 

michael w. murphy — hickory 

barbara lee myers — lexington 



michael r. myers — thomasville 
mitch myers — murphy 

ellen nabers — cullowhee 
elizabeth dare nesmith — marietta, ga. 

herbert w. newsome — Salisbury 
John h. nichols jr. — rockingham 

jodi nicholson — sanford 
lydia lynne nicholson — plant city, fla. 

neil f. nohrden — san juan, puerto rico 
sonia jean odom — asheville 

mary anne overton — greensboro 
susan a. painter — greensboro 


meredith ann palmer — andrews 
sheila panther — charlotte 
Janet elizabeth parker — rosman 
david h. harris — fletcher 
wanda I. pate — laurinburg 

rebecca patrick — cullowhee 
brenda j. patterson — sylva 
pamela marie pattern — asheville 
mabel patton — hiwassee dam 
susan paxton — hendersonville 

p. nelson perryman — winston-salem 
kay ann phillips — greensboro 
rebeccaj. phillips — waynesville 
kathryn j. pierce — monroe 
John a. pilson — cullowhee 

grace elizabeth playfair — hendersonville 
eddie r. plemmons — waynesville 
eddie howard poston — cherryville 
p. diane potter — yanceyville 
bruce a. powell — Odessa, fla. 

mary cathryn powell — franklin 
charley power — georgetown, s.c. 
torn powlas — swannanoa 
jolene prewit — valdese 
teresa a. price — albemarle 

terri lyn pritchard — ahoskie 

susan gayle proffitt — black mountain 

deborah r. quinn — dallas 

Jeff rainwater — charlotte 

waiter t. reeder — charlotte 



donald scott reeves — waynesville 
vicki I. revill — durham 

^ary benjamin rhyne — dallas 
rita rickman — bryson city 

elsie d. robbins — gastonia 
barry b. roberts — canton 

debra carol robinson — mount holly 
sandy robinson — gastonia 

billy j. rochester — asheville 
Kerry j. rodgers — greenville 

barbara m. rogers — cullowhee 
harriet melanie rogers — hendersonville 

John I. rogers — murphy 

debra kay ross — asheville 

karin e. ross — valdese 

pamela jean rowe — winston-salem 

robert t. rush jr. — albemarle 

terasa I. rush — charlotte 
bob sabin — deerfield beach, fla. 
lynne sarella — winston-salem 
deborah c. sasser — goldsboro 
olivia charlotta schreiber — whittier 

daniel george seufert — gastonia 
fiances b. shade — marion 
vanessa j. sharpe — taylorsville 
bobby neal shoemaker — statesville 
teresa snow shoemaker — harmony 

marjorie elizabeth shope — otto 
larry e. sides — Salisbury 
brenda n. sims — dudley shoals 
elaine c. sisk — thomasville 
Jill r. sistare — kings mountain 

charles a. slagle — franklin 
d. lynn smathers — canton 
deborah lynn smith — high point 
hugh a. smith III — tuckasegee 
joan I. smith — cullowhee 

marsha gail smith — albemarle 

cal smith — charlotte 

phyllis kay snider — charlotte 

Jonathan d. snyder — swarthmore, penn. 

ronald j. snyder — hendersonville 



wayne snyder — winston-salem 

dwight alan sparks — mocksville 

ken Steele — mount airy 

bruce d.steinbicker — waynesville 

cherie m. Stevens — raleigh 

jack hunter Stevens — old fort 

ed stolle — va. beach, va. 

yvonne straughn — charlotte 

martha ann stroud — pink hill 

michael m. styers — aberdeen 

veronica sulkowski — cullowhee 

sharon s. suit — hayesville 

jimmie f. sumerel — hot springs 

lydia rose summers — fayetteville 

Jeffrey w. sweeney — eden 

m. lanque swink — hickory 

marsha swink — kannapolis 

deborah g. tarlton — rutherfordton 

James p. tate — kings mountain 

brenda lea taylor — candler 

barry k. tester — Jamestown 

jenny lynn thomas — broadway 

kathy thomas — concord 

r. dean thomas — concord 

suzanne m. thomas — shelby 

sharon thomason — Salisbury 

jim tiger — hayesville 

charlene tinnin — garner 

albert toomer jr. — bamberg, s.c. 


di^m ^ 


joe tripp — ocala, fla. 

mary marlus tripp — charlotte 

michael charles tuggle — high point 
richard tuggle — landis 

barbara h. turpin — waynesville 
randall j. turpin — fontana dam 

lelia a. van dyck — staunton, va. 
Joseph j. vilis jr. — charlotte 

robert n. wade — burlington 
Christine walker — whittier 

darla jean walker — charlotte 
nick c. walker — hillsborough 


novah ann wall — morganton 

donna m. ward — asheville 

Stephen m. warren — sylva 

charles e. watts — kannapolis 

linda wells — new Smyrna beach, fla. 

marcia s. westhoff — new Smyrna beach, 


ken wetherington — durham 

robert wham — pfafftown 

david Steven whisnant — polkville 

carolyn gay white — old fort 

michael g. white — walhalla, s.c. 

donald e. whitehead — winston-salem 

r. greg whiteside — asheville 

clifton robert whitfield — trimont, minn. 

donald e. whitmire — brevard 

denise d. wightman — clearwater, fla. 

karen shawn wilkie — fletcher 

joan m. williams — charlotte 

patricia rebecca williams — fayetteville 

james michael willett — sanford 

sherry richards willis — lawndale 

thomas c. wilson — hertford 

dennis ray wise — concord 

anita wood — Jacksonville 

judy j. woodard — bryson city 

ronald m. woodle — charlotte 

donald r. wright — canton 

sue ellen wright — franklin 

david wyatt — burnsville 

steven a. wyatt — hazelwood 


Steven b. yates — harrisburg 
carol m. vaughan — durham 
vivian I. young — minneapolis 
geary yelton — rutherfordton 
suzanne b. yelton — rutherfordton 

Jeffrey a. younts — high point 
charlene zielinski — fayetteville 




harold d. adams. b.s. in recreation; recreation club 

jane h. adams. b.s. in early childhood ed. 

pamela levonne adickes. b.s. in early childhood ed. 
kappa delta pi 3,4, vice-president; historian; alpha 
sigma phi 3,4; alpha lambda delta treasurer 1,2; 
sncae 2,3,4; marshall's club 3,4; dean's list 1,2,3,4; 
who's who 4. 

linda m. agner. b.s. in math ed.; marshall's club 
3,4; kappa mu epsilon 3,4. 

mike alexander. b.s. in health science, chemistry, 

r. glenn alexander III. b.s. in biology, chemistry; 
j.v. basketball 1. 

ann/(ra jean allman. b.s. in middle grade math and 
science; cat mascot 3; math club 3,4; chorus 3; 
student government (dorm) 1. 

ronatd david amos. b.s. in music ed.; kappa kappa 
psi band fraternity 2,3,4; alpha phi sigma honorary 
scholastic fraternity 2,3,4; outstanding sophomore 
music major 1. 

gerald d. asber. b.s. education; naval aviation reserve 
program 3,4. 

sharon h. asher. b.s. speech and hearing; kappa 
delta pi 3,4. 

r. mark atwood. b.s. business law; wrestling 1,2,3,4; 
tau kappa epsilon. 

silvia aubuchon. b.s. education media; alpha xi delta 
1,2,3,4; philanthropy chairman 2,3; chaplain 4; hall 
government vice president 1. 

susan /. austin. b.s. marketing-management; zeta tau 
alpha historian; phi beta lambda secretary. 

janice marie bailey, b.s. home economics ed.; ameri- 
can home economics association 3,4. 

rebecca s. bailey, b.s. chemistry and mathematics; 
wesley foundation 1,2,3,4, secretary 3; alpha lambda 
delta 2; editor 2; american chemical society 4, vice 
president 4. 

sbeila ann baker, b.s. health science; minor in 
biology, campus gold 2. 

vicki elizabetb baldwin. b.s. art education, piketts 
3,4, historian; art students league 4, national art 
educators association 4, secretary-treasurer. 

william g. harbour, b.s. business administration and 
data processing; psychology club 4; planning com- 
mittee and executive committee. 

randall I. barnett. b.s. geology and earth science edu- 
cation; intramural 1,2,3,4; geology club 1,2,3,4; hall 
representative 1. 

ted baroody, jr. b.s. psychology; delta sigma phi 
1,2,3,4; psi chi. 

jon e. barton, b.a. english education, peace one 
way 2,3,4; residence hall senator 2. 

karen s. bates, b.s. home economics, a.h.e.a. 1,2,3,4, 
second vice chairman 3. 

susan carol bates, b.s. psychology and minor in 
guidance counseling; psi chi; kappa alpha little sisters 
treasurer 3. 

cathy beal. b.s. early childhood ed., s.n.c.a.e. 1,2,3,4, 
president 3; alpha xi delta 1,2,3,4, treasurer 3, president 

jeanette e. beaudry. b.s. social work and minor 
in recreation; r.a. 3,4; hall council 2,3,4; u.c.b. 2; 
social services organization 3,4; catamount 2,3,4, asso- 
ciate editor 3,4; student photographers society 2,3,4; 
who's who among students in american universities 
and colleges 4. 

wanda I. beck. b.s. sociology. 

wi//is Stephen beck. b.s. political science and minor 
in english; s.a.g.l.a. 

renitia bertoluzzi. b.s. physics-chemistry ed. ciruna 
2,3,4; american chemical society secretary-treasurer 
3,4; kappa delta pi. 

douglas r. black, b.s. industrial technology; society 
for advancement of management 3,4; industrial educa- 
tion and technology club 2,3,4. 

suzanne r. black, b.s. business administration. 

senior statistics 

susan I. blackerby. b.s. math education and minor 
in earth science; campus gold 2,3,4, vice president 
2; hall government 2, president 2; kappa delta pi 
3,4, president 4; r.a. 2,3; senior r.a. 3; administrative 
assistant 4; kappa alpha little sister 3,4. 

david m. blackney. b.s. psychology and minor and 
in sociology; peace one way 1,2,3,4. 

vance blanton. b.s. marketing and management; pi 
kappa alpha 2,3,4, treasurer 3; s.a.m. 4. 

charles herben blythe. b.s. industrial technology; pi 
kappa alpha. 

leslieann boylan. b.s. speech and hearing. 

michael r. bridges, b.s. business administration. 

margaret elaine broach, b.s. health and physical edu- 
cation; w.r.a. 3,4; p.e. club 3,4; 

mary elaine brooks, b.s. nursing; s.n.a. 4. 

brenda brown, b.s. social welfare; social service club 
4; b.s.u. 3,4. 

charles brown, b.s. science education. 

daniel k. brown, b.s. business administration with 
a concentration in business law; intramural sports 
1,2,3,4, softball all-stars 4; theta xi 3,4; scholarship 
chairman 3; law club 3,4, treasurer^; ski club 4. 

priscilla a, brown, b.s. sociology and special edu- 
cation; delta epsilon 1; phi kappa phi 4; soc. club 
3; marshal! club 3,4; y.a.r.c. 3; alpha lambda delta 
2; alpha phi sigma 3; r.a. 2,3; 

alison bryson. b.s. general science and biology. 

ralph e. brafford, jr. b.s. business; alpha kappa psi 

gloria a. buchanan. b.s. art education; p.o.w. 4; 
a.s.l. 1; n.a.e.a. 1. 

libby buchanan. b.s. psychology and mental retarda- 
tion; alpha xi delta 3,4; psi chi national honor 
society 3,4; pikettes3,4. 

regina buchanan. b.s. special education; s.n.c.a.e. 
1,2,4, secretary 2; y.a.r.c. 1,2,3,4, treasurer 2,3; s.c.e.c. 
2,3,4, treasurer 3. 

terrie h. buckner. b.a. interior design. 

nelson g. bumgarner. b.s. special education. 

judyanne burnett. b.s. nursing; s.n.a. 4. 

rebecca sue burnett. b.s. psychology and math; 
psychology club 3,4, secretary 4; psi cht 3,4; s.n.c.a. 
2; phi kappa phi 3,4; alpha phi sigma 3; marshalls 
club 3,4. 

e. lucinda bums. b.s. sociology and social welfare. 

cathyj. butler, b.s. psychology. 

b. elmira caldwell. b.s. sociology and social wel- 
fare; o.e.s.; black gospel choir; sociology club; an- 
thropology club. 

kaye. carden. b.s. business administration. 

steve d. carpenter, b.s. business administration and 
economics; s.a.m. 4. 

wanda jean carpenter, b.s. early childhood education; 
delta zeta 1,2,3,4, secretary 4. 

keith david carrall, b.s. industrial arts education. 

danny b. carswell. b.s. physical education; p.e. club 
1,2,3,4; baseball team 1,2,3,4; fellowship of christ- 
ian athletes 1,2,3,4. 

gary e. carter, b.s. psychology; psychology club 
3,4; marching band 1,3,4; symphonic band 2; xucbtv 

/i66y carter, b.s. nursing and minor in french; french 
club 1,2; german club 1,2; ski club 2; alpha phi 
sigma 3,4; dean's list 1,2,3; u.c.b. 2. 

Jeanne ann causby. b.s. middle grade education; 
zeta tau alpha 1,2,3,4; ciruna 1,2; ski club 1,2; trea- 
surer of young republicans 2; panhellenic council 
vice-president 2, president 4; z.t.a. activities chair- 
man 1. 

sally m. chance, b.s. speech and hearing; kappa 
alpha Mule sisters 3,4. 

marilyn anne chandler, b.a. english education; zeta 
tau alpha 3,4, reporter 4; flag corp 3; presbyterian 
student fellowship 1,2,3,4, reporter 3; western Carolinian 

betsy wooten chapman, b.s. early childhood education 
and certification in reading; dorm senator 2; senator-at-. 
large 3,4; co-chairman university services committee 

3; ad-hoc calendar committee 3,4; ad-hoc housing 
committee 2; dean's list 3,4; freshman orientation 
leader 3. 

c.k. chastain III. b.s. business law; ski club 1,2,3,4; 
pi kappa alpha 1,2,3,4, co-rush chairman; inter-frater- 
nity council 3,4, social chairman 4; business manager 
of catamount; law club 4. 

darrell h. dark. b.s. business administration and ac- 
counting; alpha phi sigma 3,4; society for advance- 
ment of management 3,4; dean's list 1,2,3,4. 

lynn a. dark. b.s. middle grade education; s.n.c.a.e. 
treasurer 4; mu eta chapter of honor society 3,4. 

nancy day dark. b.s. health and physical education; 
womens' recreation association 1,2,3, secretary 3; p.e. 
club 1,2,3,4. 

robert ;'. dements, b.s. business administration and 
concentration in management science; vice-chairman 
buchanan hall government 1; student senate 2; director 
of refrigerator leasing 2; presidential assistant 3; 
campus s.g.a. committees 1,2,3,4. 

william b. dayton. b.s. business administration and 
business law; law club 4; society for advancement 
of management. 

mark claxton. b.s. social work; chorus 3,4 -r- president 

alice woodard clement, b.s. middle grade education. 

martha m. dodfelter. b.s. early childhood education; 
s.n.c.a.e. 3,4. 

waiter d. donts. b.s. health and physical education; 
intramural 2,3,4; unit manager 3,4; intramural assistant 
2,3; p.e. club 2,3,4. 

knox bess cobb. b.s. mathematics and secondary 
education; kappa mu epsilon 3,4, vice president; 
marching band 2; symphonic band 1; math club 

jan coleman. b.s. recreation; sigma kappa, rush chair- 
man; co-editor student handbook; photographer of 
catamount; pi kappa phi little sisters, fraternity relations. 

Jeffrey c. collins. b.s. business administration with 
concentration in accounting; society for the ad- 
vancement of management 1; tntramurals 1,2,3,4; 
dorm government 2. 

karen congdon. b.s. home economics and concen- 
tration interior design; delta zeta 3,4; secretary stu- 
dent government association 3,4; scott dorm govern- 
ment 2; pi kappa alpha little sisters 3,4. 

vickey I. cope. b.s. early childhood education; wesley 
foundation 3,4. 

Steven craig cook. b.a. photography; business manager 
catamount 3,4; western Carolina photographer 3,4; 
student photographic services 2,3,4; deans list. 

fran council, b.s. social welfare and sociology; pi 
kappa phi little sisters 3,4. 

thomas w. corbin. b.a. geology and chemistry; geology 

julia b. corbett. b.a. french education; foreign lan- 
guage club 2,3; western Carolinian 2. 

barbara donna cordell. b.s. art; art students league 
1,2,3,4; student government dorm senator 2; vice- 
presidential assistant 3; hall government 3; p.o.w. 

william paul conroy. b.a. history and political science; 
soccer; ciruna; intramurals. 

;'ames covington, jr. b.s. psychology with concentration 
speech and hearing; pi kappa phi 1,2,3,4, secretary 
2,3; interfraternity council 1,2,3,4; w.c.u. ambulance 
service 2,3; psychology club 4. 

Joyce m. crosby. b.s. nursing; s.n.a. 4, 

Jkafhy curie, b.a. english and french; patrons of 
quality scholar 2,3,4; alpha lambda delta; president 
english club. 

rebecca a. curie, b.s. economics. 

jan currence. b.s. recreation; recreation club 1,2,3,4, 
president 4; w.r.a. 2,3; intramurals 2,3. 

diana starr dalton. b.s. special education; s.g.a. sena- 
tor; y.a.r.c; s.c.e.c. 

susan h. david. b.s. educational media; u.c.b. commit- 
tee 3,4; catamount 4; hall government 4; newman 
center 1,2,3. 

deborah elaine davis. b.a. music; university chorus 
1,2; concert choir 3,4. 

lauriejean davis. b.s. early childhood ed. 

ricky k. davis. b.s. middle grade ed., concentrations 
in science and math; sncae 2,3,4. 

samuel d. davis. b.s. industrial technology; industrial 
technology club 4. 

susan davis. b.s. early childhood ed.; delta zeta 
sorority 1,2,3,4, president 4; kappa alpha little sister 

vicki shaver davis. b.s. business ed.; sigma kappa 
sorority 1,2; kappa delta pi 3,4; phi beta lambda 
3,4; u.c.b. committee 1,2; dean's list 3,4. 

connie eckard dennis. b.a. english, minors in jour- 
nalism and secondary ed.; sigma kappa sorority 1,2,3,4, 
president 3, western carolinean reporter 1; marshal's 
club 1,2. 

ricardo leirra desoto. bsba marketing; student sena- 
tor 3; ad manager western Carolinian; member w.c.u. 
freshman football; member w.c.u. varsity wrestling 
1,2; kappa alpha order 1,2,3,4. 

susan kay deweese. b.s. health and physical ed.; 
health and physical ed. club 4; women's recreational 
association 3. 

daniel dickens, bsba business political science 1,2. 

yoe diggs. b.s. business administration, concentra- 
tion in marketing management; pi kappa phi 1,2,3,4;. 
student judiciary 2; student senate 3; attorney gen- 
eral 4; bldg and grounds committee 3; athletic com- 
mittee 3,4; academic affairs committee 4; l.c.e. com- 
mittee 4. 

vivian dobbins, b.s. recreation; recreation club 1,2,3; 
phi mu sorority 1,2,3,4, president, vice president. 

norris I. dover. b.s. biology and chemistry. 

sarah g. duffy, b.s. social science ed. 

jerry h. edmundson. b.s. mathematics. 

Catherine lee edwards. bsba business and office ad- 
ministration; delta zeta sorority 1,2,3,4; historian and 
recording secretary; lambda chi alpha littte sister; 
student senator 2; homecoming court 3, queen 4. 

barbaraj. elliott. b.s. early childhood ed. 

james g. english. b.s. geology, minor in math; w.c. 
geological society. 

fcafhy diane ensley. b.s. middle grade ed.; minor 
in theater arts. 

donna j. fender, b.s. mental retardation; yarc3,4. 

anila r. fisher, b.s. home economics; b.s.u. 1,2,3; 
ahea 2,3,4; r.a. 4; chorus 1,2. 

donaldclark foster, b.s. psychology and counseling. 

donna foster, b.s. home economics ed.; lambda chi 
alpha little sister 2; ahea 4. 

james /. fowler, b.s. pyschology and counseling. 

sheila gait franklin, b.s. early childhood ed.; sncae 
3,4; alpha phi sigma 2,3,4; kappa delta pi 2,3,4; 
phi kappa phi 4. 

clyde freeman, b.s. industrial technology; industrial 
technology club 4; a-b tech. 1,2; unca 3. 

debbi }. freeze, b.s. art ed.; transfer from univ. 
of n.c. — charlotte, n.c; sacred heart college — 

wiliiam david frye. b.s. geology; minor in biology; 
wcgs 3,4. 

robert tunk. b.a. speech and theatre arts, history; 
university players 1,2,3,4, secretary and treasurer 2; 
forensic society 3,4. 

carole gabriel. b.s. math ed.; w.r.a.; math club. 

berry jo gainey. b.s, speech and hearing, minor 
in mental retardation; yarc; special Olympics official. 

james martin gaither. b.s. business administration; 
catamount amateur radio society 3,4; s.a.m. 3,4, presi- 
dent 4. 

teresa sharon ga//oway. b.s. middle grade ed., majQr 
concentration in mathematics; chorus 1,2; sncae 3,4; 
student member on board of directors for n.c. teachers 
of mathematics representing western region. 

janice anita garner, b.s. middle grade ed,, language 
arts, library science; sncae 3,4. 

harold davis garren, jr. b.s. business administration, 
marketing and management; alpha kappa psi 2,3,4, 
vice president 3, president 4. 

susan elaine garrison, b.a. art, interior design. 

nancy margaret georgion. b.a. speech and theatre 
arts; university players 3,4; class representative 3; 
dean's list 3,4; forensic society 3,4, committee chair- 
man 4; theatre productions: "i never sang for my 
father" 3; five minute scenes 3,4; "taming of the 
shrew" 3; reader's theatre 4; "the world of carl 
sandburg" 4; "and miss reardon drinks a little" 
4; "a face-off" 4; "nightwatch"4; "rivals" 4. 

rita darlene gillett. b.s. early childhood ed.; student 
n.c. association of educators (secretary); alpha phi 
sigma; kappa delta pi. 

debra s. gilreatt. b.s. business administration. 

alma jane godwin. b.s. special ed., mental retardation; 
youth association for retarded children 1,2. 

Jennifer dawkins gray. b.s. medical records admini- 
stration; treasurer of kappa alpha little sisters 4. 

roy I. greene. b.s. business administration, finance. 

carolyn a. greenwood, b.s. middle grade ed.; sncae 

sam k. greenwood, b.s. political science; political 
science-law association (psla) 3; chief justice — summer 
court 3; young democratic club 3; student association 
for government and legal affairs (sagla) president 
4; young democratic club secretary and treasurer 
4; chief justice of superior court 4; student-faculty 
advisory board 4; dean's search committee 4. 

e. yean gregory. b.a. art, concentration in painting 
and drawing, crafts; as) 1,4. 

bonnie jiil grier. b.s. nursing; second vice-president 
sna 3; first vice-president sna 4. 

g. alan griffin, b.s. business administration, finance; 
lambda chi alpha 3,4; ski club 1,2. 

p. dianne griffin,, b.s. english ed.; transfer e.c.u. 

judy irene guffey. b.s. psychology, minor in sociology; 
psychology club 3,4, vice president 4; pst chi 4. 

nancie guge. b.s. social welfare and elementary ed. 

judy gupton. b.s. biology ed., minor in art; delta 
zeta sorority; biology club. 

karen lynn hale. b.s. early childhood ed.; ski club 
1,2; theta xi homecoming court representative. 

sandi g. halt. b.s. nursing; alpha lambda delta 1; 
alpha phi sigma 2; phi kappa phi 3,4; littte sisters 
lambda chi alpha 3,4; homecoming queen 3; cheer- 
leaders 4. 

mike I. hampton. b.s. biology and chemistry with 
applications to research; intramural manager; 4.a.; 
benton hall government; biology club; baseball team; 
orientation assistant; biology lab assistant. 

robert m. harbison. b.a. biology; resident assistant 
3; laboratory assistant 3,4; biology club 2,3,4, vice- 
president 3, president 4; intramurals 1,2; nominated 
for who's who among students in american colleges 
and universities. 

karen hardison. b.s. nursing; band 1,2; sna 4. 

lynn a. harkins; b.s. nursing; sigma kappa sorority 

y'ohn a//en harrington, jr. b.a. political science and 
economics; wesley foundation 1,2,3,4; radio club 1,2,3; 
alpha phi omega 1,2,3,4; political science association 

carol harrison. b.s. educational media; hall government 
2; r.a. 3; sncae 4. 

marry harrison. b.s. b.a. data processing. 

y'oyce h. haskins. b.s. mental retardation; kappa delta 
pi 3,4; bsu 1,2,3,4. 

curd's hawkins. b.s. mental retardation; paint crew 

michael ward heilbronn. b.a. recreation leadership; 
soccer 2,3,4; treasurer for recreation club 3,4. 

michael w. henderson. b.s. special ed.; tennis team 

ken w. henry, b.s. social work; peace one way 

dennis r. hepier. b.s. mental retardation; kappa delta 
pi; yarc; special Olympics official at local and state 

james c. highfill. b.s. business administration; lambda 
chi alpha 3,4; sam 3. 

edwin holland. b.s. business administration with con- 
centration in finance; organization of ebony students 
1,2,3,4, president 3,4; student senate 2,3,4, president 
protempore 3; resident assistant 2,3,4; ciruna 2,3; 
Ice committee 3; chancellor's advisory committee 
3,4; intramurals 3,4. 

thomas wiliiam holland. b.s. industrial technology; 
lambda chi alpha fraternity 3,4; industrial ed. and 
technology club; harril hall dorm representative. 

marsha hooper, b.s. mental retardation; youth associa- 
tion for retarded children 4. 

johnny f. howie. b.s. health and physical ed.; track 
team 1,2,3,4; physical ed. club 1,2,3,4; fellowship 
of christian athletes 1,2,3,4; barbell club 1,2,3,4. 

wiliiam morion hubbard. b.s. music ed.; band (march- 
ing, symphonic, pep, and jazz) 1,2,3,4; chorus 1; 
choir 2,3,4; music educators national conference 3,4 
madrigal singers 2,3. 

maxine c. hunter, b.s. speech and hearing; delta 
zeta 1,2,3. 

sherman joe hunter, b.s. industrial ed.; football 1,2,3, 
co-captain 2,3. 

byna r. huskey. b.s. mental retardation; yarc; kappa 
delta pi. 

susan /. hutcnens. b.s. general science ed.; president 
of cellar government 2. 

deborah kay hutchins. b.s. arts and sciences, social 
work; social services organization 3,4, publicity chair- 
man 3, president 4. 

John s. hyatt. b.s. business administration and finance; 
law club 1,2,3,4; student judiciary 3; baptist student 
union 1,2,4. 

penny w. icard. b.a. english; kappa delta pi 3,4; 
upward bound counselor 3,4. 

roy /ester icard. b.s. math, health and physical 
ed.; athletic trainer for cross country 1,2,3; athletic 
trainer for indoor track 1,2,3,4; athletic trainer for 
outdoor track 1,2,3,4; athletic trainer for football 

gary e. ingle, b.s. middle grade ed, concentrations 
in social studies and reading; sncae 4; cheerleader 

brenda susan jackson. b.s. french ed.; foreign lan- 
guages club 2,3; helder hall council 1,2,3, president 
3; interresidence hall council 3, secretary 3; wcat 
radio club 1,2,3, business manager 3; kappa delta 
pi 3,4. 

kathy jo Jamison, b.s. educational media, minor in 
library science and certification in reading. 

frances elizabeth jenrette. b.a. art; residence assistant 
3,4; campus gold 2,4; asl 4. 

ted m, Johnson, b.s. industrial technology; industrial 
education and technology club 3,4; secretary of 

j. deborah Johnston, b.s. recreation management; 
ski club 1,2; wra 2,3,4; recreation club 2,3,4. 

beryl etlen jones. b.s. nursing; student nurses asso- 
ciation, vice-president 3, president 4; curriculum com- 
mittee 2; facilities and resources committee 3; major- 
ette; zeta tau alpha, secretary 4; miss catamount 
pageant, fourth runner up 3. 

deborah c. jones. b.s. early childhood ed.; associate 
arts degree, gaston community college 2; phi theta 
kappa 2,3,4; sncae 4. 

roger franklin jones. b.s. chemistry, biology 


keith halt Joyce, b.s. political science; pi kappa phi 
fraternity 2,3,4, president 3, pledgemaster 2; political 
science and law association 2,3,4; student association 
for government and legal affairs 4; political science 
student-faculty advisory committee 4; interfraternity 
council 2,3. 


martha barren Joyce, b.s. speech and hearing and 
mental retardation; peace one way 1; yarc 3,4; 
scec 3; zeta tau alpha 1,2,3,4, treasurer 3,4; panhellenic 
delegation 2; radio club 4; chorus 1,2,3; special 
Olympics 3,4. 

pamela s. Justus, b.s. health and physical ed.; health 
and physical ed. club 1,2,3,4; wra 1,2,3,4; intermurals 
1,2,3,4; special Olympics 2,3. 

cindy beth karp. b.s.b.a. art, minor in english; volley- 
ball 1; asl 1,2,3,4; eda 4; overseas exchange student 
in england 3. 

dorothy keilh. b.s. speech and hearing; music therapy 
and fidela; ware 2,3,4; special Olympics 2,3; band 
1,2, pep band 1; kappa delta phi (honor) in educa- 
tion; ncsnea. 

cara elizabeth kepley. b.a. anthropology and medical 
technology; american chemical society 2,3,4; ameri- 
can biology society 4; anthropology — sociology 
club 3,4; circle k 2,3,4, president 3; university center 
board 3,4. 

pamela k. kesler. b.s. early childhood ed.; sneae 
1,2,3,4; special Olympics. 

betty ann kimrey. b.s. art ed.; naea 3,4; sneae 3,4; 
kappa delta pi 3,4; alpha phi sigma 3,4; phi kappa 
phi 4. 

deborab shuford king. b.s. social science ed., sneae 

fcatheirne elaine kinley. b.s. nursing. 

judy elaine kirby. b.s. early childhood ed.; sneae 
3,4; kappa delta phi 3,4. 

Steven /. kirstein. b.s. middle grade ed.; ucb council 
1,2,3; secretary - treasurer of reynolds hall 1,2. 

barbara lynne knapp. b.s. community health ed.; 
kappa delta pi 3,4. 

betty m. /a/7, b.s. psychology and history; psy chi 
honorary society. 

william brian lammi, b.s, medical record administration. 

j. manson lancasler. b.s. art ed.; theta xi fraternity; 
art students league; national art education association, 
president 4. 

nancy camille lancasler. b.s. mental retardation and 
elementary ed. k - 3; kappa delta pi 3,4; ware 

jack I. land, jr. b.s. finance; theta xi fraternity 3,4. 

lanny cox. b.s. music ed. 

James ernest laughl'm. b.s. bursing; student nurses 
association 3,4, resident assistant 1,2. 

besan b. leblanc. bis. nursing; student nursing asso- 
ciation sna 2,3; resident assistnat 1,2. 

yvonne welker leigb. b.s. middle grade ed., concentra- 
tion in science and math; kappa delta pi 3,4. 

connie yvonne lesier. b.s. math; scnea 3; kappa 
delta pi 3; alpha phi sigma 3; kappa mu epsilon 

Catherine Jessie lloyd. b.s. early childhood ed.; kappa 
delta pi 3,4, secretary 4; sneae 3,4; alpha phi sigma 

cyntbia lynn lomax. b.s. special ed. (mental retarta- 

yon charles long, bsba general management. 

shirley s. long. b.s. recreation leadership and indus- 
trial arts; recreation and physical ed. club. 

James william love. b.s. psychology and biology coun- 
ciling; biology club 1,2, treasurer 2; psychology club 
3,4, executive committee 3, treasurer 4; baptist student 
union 1,2,3,4, treasurer 3,4; state baptist student union 
communications committee 4; ancient free and ac- 
cepted masons 3,4; the appalachian modelers society; 
human sexuality retreats. 

andrea page lowder. b.s. early childhood ed.; kappa 
alpha little sisters 3,4. 

donna lowder. b.s. home economics ed.; kappa alpha 
little sisters 3,4; fha3,4. 

6. /. lowery. b.f.a. art; vice-president university chorus 

everefte elaine lyde. b.s. political science and sociology; 
band 1; ciruna 1,2,3,4; pise law association 1,2,3,4; 
law club 3; zeta tau alpha 1,2,3,4, executive officer 
4; dean's list 2,3,4. 


debra lynne everitte. b.s. special ed., concentration 
in recreation, s/ta; baptist student union; wesley 
foundation; apo2. 

mane a. manc'tnelli. b. f. a. art; asl 2,3; radio club 

/'. elliott math'ts. b.s. in biology education. 

donna r. mauney. b.s. in early childhood education 
and minor concentration in p.e. 

sharon mcconnell. b.s. in middle grade education. 

kent mccorkle. b.s. in psychology and sociology. 

angela gail mccormick. b.s. in math and science 
education; cheerleader 4. 

ronda fern mccoy. b.s. in social science education; 
kappa delta pi; advisory committee for the social 
sciences 4. 

gary I. mcdaniel. b.s. in social science education; 
kappa delta phi. 

vickey c. mcdaniel. b.a. in english; sta; sigma kappa 
1,2,3,4; second vice president 4; panhellenic treasurer 
3; who's who committee 3. 

Stephen james mcdonald. b.s. in social work and 

linda margaret mcdowell. b.s. degree in health and 
p.e.; basketball 1,2; volleyball 1; p.e. club 1,2,3,4; 
w.r.a. 1,2,3,4. 

perry d. mcknight. b.s.b.a. degree in business ad- 
ministration; alpha kappa psi 2,3,4. 

anderson charles messer. b.s. general management 
and minor in law enforcement; sam 4; law club 

kam messick. b.s. in business. 

randy alan metcalf. b.s. in business administration; 
wrestling 2. 

margaret ann miesiazek. b.s. in business administration 
with concentration in accounting; alpha lambda delta 
1,2, secretary 2; alpha tau sigma 1,2, secretary 2; 
marching band 1,2; symphonic band 1,2; alpha xi 
delta 2,3,4, vice president 3, treasurer 4; patron 
of quality 3,4; marshal's club 3,4; alpha phi sigma 
3,4; phi beta lambda 3,4; phi kappa phi 3,4. 

mary ann miller, b.s. in math and chemistry educa- 
tion; kappa mu epsifon 3,4; alpha lambda delta, 
historian 1,2; wcu marching and symphonic band 
1,2; math club 2,3,4; marshall's club 3,4. 

bruce a. moon. b.s. in chemistry; a.c.s. 1,2,3,4. 

alan wayne monteith. b.s. in biology science education, 
biology club 1,2,3,4; kappa delta pi 3,4. 

bill moore. b.x. in business management. 

karen sue moore. b.s. in mental retardation; special 
Olympics 2,3,4; student supreme court 3. 

judy morgan, b.s. in special education. 

newyl jezn morgan, b.s. in nursing. 

gary d. b. morman. b.s. in business administration; 
organization of ebony students 1,2,3,4; wcat radio 
club 2,3,4; ciruna 2,3,4; chess club 2,3,4; alpha kappa 
psi 3,4. 

mary ;'. mormon, b.a. degree arts and sciences, 
minor in english; senate 3; hall government 2,3, 
president 3; student-faculty advisory committee 5; 
young democrats club 5; executive committee 5; 
sagla 5. 

nancy susan morse, b.s. in social welfare with concen- 
tration in p.e.; gymnastic team 1,2; cheerleader 3; 
alpha xi delta sorority 1,2,3,4; ski club 1; ucb 2; 
miss catamount pageant 2. 

burma pene/ope murdoefc. b.s. in speech and hearing 

michael w. murphy, b.s. in business administration 
and marketing-management; alpha kappa psi profes- 
sional business fraternity 2,3,4. 

barbara lee myers. b.s. early childhood education 
with math concentration; kappa delta phi, 4. 

michael ray myers. b.s. degree in business; alpha 
kappa psi business fraternity 3,4. 

mi'fcri myers. b.s. in recreation leadership; football 

ellen elizabeth nabers. b.s. in home economics; ucb 

elizabeth dare nesmith. b.s. in music education; 
concert choir 1,2,3,4; band 1,2,4; presbyterian student 
fellowship 1,2,3,4; historian 2,4; music educators con- 
ference 1,2,3,4; treasurer 3; catamount staff 2,3; madri- 
gal singers 2,3. 

herbert "bo" w. newsome. b.s. in psychology and 
recreation; vice-president of residence government; 
feature editor for western Carolinian; outing club; 
recreation club; psychology club; who's who's in ameri- 
can college and universities, ydc. 

John h. nichols, jr. b.s. in business administration 
with concentration in data processing; wcat 3,4; 
ucb 3. 

lydia lynne nicholson. b.s. in home economics educa- 
tion; alpha lambda delta 1; kappa delta pi 3; alpha 
phi sigma 3; marshall's club 3; president american 
home economics association 4. 

sonia jean odom. b.s. in child development and 
psychology; vice president of Cecil mann psy club 
3; president of cecil mann psy club 4; psychology 
club 2,3,4. 

jodi nicholson osborn. b.s. in speech and hearing 
education; yarc 3,4; cecc 3; kappa delta pi 3,4. 

mary anne overton. b.f.a. in art; president kappa 
alpha little sisters 3,4. 

susan a. painter, b.s. degree nursing. 

meredith ann palmer, b.s. in middle grade education. 

janet elizabeth parker. b.s. in special education; yarc^H 
4; yearbook staff 4; kappa delta pi 4. 

davidh. parris. b.s. in business administration. 

wanda I. pate. b.s. in social work and sociology; 
organization of ebony students 1,2,3,4; secretary 3,4; 
social service organization 3,4; homecoming queen 

rebecca patrick. b.s. in music education; marching 
band 1,2,3,4; wcu woodwind quintet 1,2,3,4; wcu 
symphonic band 1,2,3,4; kappa delta pi honor society. 

brenda patterson. b.s. in economics and math; kappa 
mu epsilon math ematica! honor society 3. 

mabel patton. b.s. in middle grade education; kappa 
delta pi 3,4. 

pamela marie patton. b.s. in special education. 

p, nelson perrymon. b.s. in arts and sciences; member 
of ie and it club 1. 

rebecca j. phillips. b.s. in sociology and psychology; 
sociology club. 

kathryn j. pierce, b.s. in comprehensive business j 
education; sigma kappa sorority 1,2,3,4; treasurer 2,3. 

John a, pilson. b.s. in business management; economics 
and finance club. 

grace e, playiair. b.s. in elementary education. 

eddie r. plemmons. b.s. in music and recreation; 
concert choir 2,3,4; tke boxing tournament 3,4; Intra- 
mural weight lifting 3,4. 

eddie howard poston. b.a. in sociology with minor 
in social work; alpha phi omega 3,4; second vice 
president 3. 

diane potter, b.s. in recreation and p.e.; alpha xi 
delta 2,3,4; membership chairman 4; wra 1,2,3,4; 
p.e. club 1,2,3,4. 

bruce allan powell. b.a. in education. 

mary cathryn powell. b.a. in early childhood education; 
sneae 3; kapa delta pi 3,4. 

thomas g. powlas. b.s. in biology education; intramurals 
1,2; unit manager 2; biology club 3,4; hiking club 

jolene prew'tt. b.a. in english with minor in education; 
english club 3,4; outing club 2,3; newspaper staff 
1,2; foreign language club 2,3; young democrats 
3,4; university playrnakers 2,3; university chours 2; 
psychology club 2,3; kappa delta pi 3,4; scott hall 
representative 1. 

teresa a. price, b.s. in special education; yarc 2,3,4; 
special Olympics. 

tern lyn pritchard. b.a. in english and history; yarc 
1; hall representative 2; resident assistant 3; senior 
resident assistant 4. 

susan gayle proffiU. major in home economics-textiles 
and clothing; marshalls club 1,2; university center 
board committee member 2; varsity cheerleader 3; 
homecoming court 2,3; chancellor's ad hoc committee. 

deborah quinn. b.a. in p.e.; wra; kappa delta phi; 
p.e. club. 

jeffery I. rainwater, b,s. in recreation; soccer varsity 
2,3,4; varsity letter 3,4; intramural unit manager 2,3; 
wesiey foundation 1,2,3,4; vice-president 4; recreation 
club 2,3,4; monogram club 3,4. 

waiter thompson reeder. b.s. in economics; tke 1,2,3,4. 

donald scott reeves, major business law; law club 

fit a rickman. b.s. in early chjldhood; kappa delta 
pi 3; sncae3,4. 

elsie dyan robbins. b.s, in mental retardation education; 
yarc; organization of ebony students; western Caro- 
lina gospel choir. 

barry b. roberts. b.s. degree health and physical 
education; physical education club 2,3,4; semper fedelis 
society 1,2,3,4; president 4. 

debra carol robinson. b.s. degree in arts and sciences; 
chorus 1,2; baptist student union 1,2,3,4; coordinating 
council 2; officer 2; alpha phi omega iittle sister 

sandy robinson. b.s. in special education; yarc 1,2,3,4; 
scec 2. 

6/'//y joe rochester. b.s. 
2,3,4; captain 4. 

in business; tennis team 

kerry rodgers. b.s. in psychology, minor in social 
welfare; sigma kappa sorority; secretary; kappa alpha 
little sister. 

barbara m. rogers. b.s. in home economics, certified 
k-3; day student government 1; ahea 1,3,4; marshal's 
club 3; kappa delta pi 3,4; phi kappa phi 4. 

h. melanie rogers. b.s. in social welfare; social welfare 
club 3,4. 

John I. rogers. b.s. in geology; geology club 3,4. 

pamela jean rowe. b.s. in special education-mental 
retardation; special Olympics 3; chourus 2,3. 

robert t. rush, jr. b.s. in business administration; 
golf team 3; tau kappa epsilon 1,2,3,4. 

terasa long rush. b.s. in business administration with 
concentration in accounting; alpha lambda delta 
1,2,3,4; alpha phi sigma 3,4; marshal's club4. 

deborah c. sasser. b.s. in social welfare; hall govern- 
ment 2; social welfare organization 2,3,4. 

olivia charlotta schreiber. b.a. in sociology and french; 
christian science informal group 1,2,3,4; alpha lambda 
delta 1,2; alpha phi sigma 3,4; kappa delta pi; phi 
kappa phi 3,4. 

daniel g. seufert. mental retardation; 
pi; yarc; sncae. 

appa delta 

trances b. shade, b.s. in nursing; bsui 1,2; student 
nurse's association. 

bobby neal shoemaker, b.s. in social science education. 

teresa snow sheomaker. b.a. in english with teaching 
certification and reading minor; alpha lambda delta 
1; alpha phi sigma 3,4; kappa delta pi 3,4; marshal's 
club; who's who. 

majorie eiizabeth shope. b.s. degree in nursing; 
secretary of health careers club 3; member of curri- 
culum and facilities committee-nursing department. 

brenda n. iims. b.s. in nursing; tfeas. student nurse's 
association and member; member of sna 1,2; intramu- 
rals 3,4; women's recreation association 1,2,3,4. 

jill sistare. b.s. in middle grade education, math 
and p.e. concentration; leatherwood hall council, 
;sec-treas 1,2; senator 2; senator at large 3; orientation 
leader 3; residence assistant 3; women's varsity tennis 
3; intramurals 3,4; society for the advancement of 
management 4. 

d. lynn smathers. b,s. in early childhood education; 
sncae member 1. 

cal smith, b.s. in gene 

fient; wcu band 

deborah I. smith. b.s. in social work with minors 
in sociology and industrial arts; social services organiza- 
tion 3,4; vice president 4; ucb committee 3,4; ucb 
board 4; catamount staff 4. 

hugh a. smith, b.s. in education, with minor in 
history; pi alpha theta; veterans association. 

marsha smith, b.s. in middle grade education, with 
minor in math and science; kappa delta phi 3,4; 
sncae 3,4; ucb 3. 

phyllis kay snider, b.s. in early childhood education; 
catamount staff 1; associate editor 2,3; editor 4; 
peace one way; inauguration-founder's day commit- 
tee 4; dean's list 2,3,4. 

Jonathan d. snyder. b.s. in history, with minor in 
political science; resident assistant 4; intramurals 2,3,4. 

robert w, snyder. b.s. in health and p.e.; health 
and p.e. club 1,2,3,4; intramural asst. 1,2,3; intramural 
senior director 4. 

ronald j. snyder, b.s. in health and p.e. education; 
baseball manager 1,2,3; special Olympics 3; intramural 
manager 1,4. 

kenneth g. Steele, b.s. in biology; photographer news- 
paper 2; photographer annual 2; Spanish club 1,2; 
biology club 4; tennis 2; who's who amoung students 
in american junior colleges 2. 

bruced. steinbicker. b.s. business administration; 

cherie m. Stevens, b.s. in math education; secretary 
math club 3,4; secretary k.m.e. 3,4. 

jack hunter Stevens, b.s. in economics; wcu bowling 
league 1,2; pi kappa phi fraternity 1,2,34,. 

ed stolle. b.s. in business administration; soccer team, 

margaret yvonne straughn. b.s. in marketing; phi 
mu sorority 1,2,3,4; pledge director 2,3; president 
3,4; publicity chiarman 2; phi beta lambda 3,4; vice 
president 4; society for advancement of management. 

pam stribling. b.s. in sociology; ucb 2,3; resident 
assistant 4; sociology-anthropology club secretary 4. 

martha ann stroud. b.s. in health and p.e.; p.e. 
club; wra; intramurals. 

michael m. syters. b.s. in industrial arts education; 
intramurals; industrial ed and tech club; resident 
hall assistant 2,3. 

veronica sulkowski b.a. in sociology and minor in 
social welfare. 

sharon suit. b.s. degree in middle grade education; 
phi theta kappa. 

jimmie f rands sumerel. b.a. in history and b.s. in 

lydia summers, b.s. in nursing; student nurses associa- 
tion 4. 

jeftery w. sweeney. b.s. in biology with minor in 
chemistry; theta fraternity 2,3,4; assistant historian 
2,3; historian 4; corresponding secretary 4; intramural 
football 3,4; intramural track 3,4; intramural softbal! 
3,4; intramural volleyball 2,3,4; biology club 4. 

marsha swink. b.a. in social welfare; sociology club 

m. Inagueswink. b.s. in biology. 

deborah g. tarlton. b.s. in nursing; sna 2; health 
careers 3. 

brenda lea (ay/or. b.s. in social welfare; baptist student 
union president 3; social services organization 3,4; 
baptist student union 1,2,3,4. 

barry k. tester, b.f.a. in art; peace one way. 

jenny thomas. b.s. in business education; phi beta 

kathy thomas. b.s. in special education, certification 
in reading; youth association for retarded children 
3,4; delta zeta sorority 1,2,3,4. 

r. dean thomas. b.s. in business administration with 
concentration in business law; kappa alpha order 
1,2,3,4; sga 4; president of law club 4; asst. public 
defender 4; clerk of court 4; vice president law 
club 3. 

■' : ''■':' :\ 
suzanne marie thomas. b.s. in education; girls bas- 
ketball 1; scec; sncae 3. 

james a. tiger, b.s. in social science; lambda chi 
alpha 1,2,3,4; president 4; sociology and anthropology 

c. charlene tinnin. b.s. in social welfare; penthouse 
government 2. 

james j. tripp. b.s. in health and p.e.; track 4; 
p.e. club 4. 

mary marlus tripp. b.s. in art education. 

richard tuggle. b.s. in management; pi kappa alpha 
fraternity 1,2,3,4; sga 4; sam4. 

randallj. turpin. b.a. in english; 

lelia a. vandyck b.s. in education with concentration 
in music; concert choir 3,4; ucb 3,4; ucb chairman 
music educators national conference 1,2; uc advisory 
committee 4. 

carol m. vaughn. b.s. in arts and sciences; oes 1,2,3,4; 
cheerleader 2,3,4; resident assistant 2,3,4; kappa delta 
pi 3,4; menc 2,4; tennis team 1,2. 

robert n. wade. b.a. in economics and political science; 
political science club 1,2; political science law assoc. 
2,3; society for advancement for government and 
legal affairs 3,4; student senate 4. 

Christine I. walker, b.s. in speech and hearing, with 
minor in mental retardation. 

nicky c. walker, b.s. in health and physical education; 
physical education club 3,4; intramural assistant 4. 

novah ann wall. b.s. in special education and mental 
retardation; youth association for retarded children 
3,4; resident assistant 4. 

donna m. ward. b.s. in speech and hearing education. 

Stephen michael warren, b.s. in political science and 
sociology; ski club; sagla; intramurals; young demo- 
crats club; internation-simulation. 

charles edwin watts, b.s. in business administration; 
university band 1,2; lab assistant 3; society for the 
advancement of management 4; stage band 1. 

linda wells, b.s. in education; scott camelot housing 
program; secretary of scott housing program 4. 

kenneth lee wetherington. b.s. in data processing; 
chess club 3,4; film conspiracy 4. 

david Steven whisnant. b.s. in marketing management. 

carotyn gay white, b.a. in journalism and political 
science; majorette 1,2,3,4; western Carolinian 2,3; 
zeta tau alpha 3,4; political science-law association 
3,4; political science student-faculty advisory com- 

donald e. whitehead, b.s. in biology education; biology 

donald ellis whitmire. b,s. in economics and business 
administration! Imabda chi alpha fraternity 3,4; econo- 
mics and finance club. 

denise d. wightman. b.s. in social welfare; psy chi 
honorary society. 

karen shawn wilkie b.s. in nursing; student nurse's 
association 1,2,3,4. 

james michael willed, b.s. in business-marketing 
management; pi kappa phi fraternity 3,4. 

)oan m. Williams, b.s. in sociology with math minor; 
ucb committee 2; sociology club 3. 

patricia rebecca williams. b.s. in middle grade educa- 
tion, concentration in reading and language arts, 
and minor in mental retardation. 

sherry richards willis. b.s. in early childhood education; 
kappa delta pi 3,4; sncae 3,4. 

harold s. wilson. b.s. in industrial tec and education; 
industrial tec and education club 4. 

thomas c. wilson. b.s. in middle grade education 
with concentration in history and science; soccer 

dennis ray wise. b.s. in finance. 

judy jones woodard. b.s. in early childhood education; 
alpha lambda delta 1; kappa delta pi 3; alpha phi 
sigma 3; marshal's club 3; sncae 1,2,3,4. 

Steven a. wyatt. b.s. in sociology and psychology. 

steven boyd yafes. b.s. in health and physical educa- 
tion; varsity football 1,2,3,4; physical education club. 

suzanne b. yelton. b.a. in professional writing and 
english; cinematography club 1,2; scribbler's club, 
2; nomad staff 3,4; ucb 4. 

vivian I. young, b.s. in nursing; recording secretary 
of sna. 

Jeffrey alan younts. b.s. in data processing; band 

betty charlene zieiinski. b.s. in social welfare; hall 
government, 1,2; president 2; alpha xi delta 2,3,4. 


reatha fay adams 

pamela levonne adickes 
rebecca sue bailey 
jeanette elaine beaudry 

renitia jean bertoluzzi 
deborah ann buchanan 
mark curtis calloway 



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|> HI 

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earlene hefner cheung 
robert jack elements 
donna raeclemmer 

daniel edward dalton 
jon mark daniels 
james m. davidson 

samuel c. davis 

who's who among students in american universities and col- 
leges is a nationally recognized honor, selection begins with 
nominations by students and faculty, nominees prepare an 
evaluation sheet with numerical values assigned to academic 
standing, extracurricular activities and honors, a committee of 
students and faculty then makes the selection for recommend- 
ation to the national office. 



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carol lee dixon 

robert david funk 
jerald a. gaines 
sandra gaye hall 

edwin r. holland 
margaret ann miesiaszek 
vicki renee misenheimer 

lydia lynne nicholson 
olivia charlotta schreiber 
jill ray sistare 

michael charles tuggle 
carol marcella vaughan 
carolyn gay white 

not pictured: ralph albert caldwell, kathryn ruth curie, mark thomas finley, kathy 

orlena greene, sam kelly greenwood, nancy louise hammill, robert morgan harbison, 

bonny f. heet, sharon shulla jones, george m. killam, timothy m. martin, mary ann 

miller, herbert h. pearce, dwight alan sparks, barry scott street. 


the final step . . . 

graduation 1975 

with the fear of rain gone and the hot sun shining down, 
the class of 1975 was the first to graduate in the e.j. 
whitmire stadium, dr. harold delaney, president of manhattan- 
ville college, offered his remarks and congratulations, as 
chancellor robinson declared each school 1975 graduates of 
western Carolina university, cheers rang, four years of hard 
work, fun and friendships drawing to a close ... a segment 
of life ending so another might begin. 



live music 

cold draft beer, sandwiches 

and pizza 

balsam rd. 



Canterbury Inn 

daily buffet 11-2:30 pm 

except Saturday 




Main St. 





Carolina building 
supply company 

bryson city, 






283 N. Main St 
Waynesville, N. C. 

W.C. Hennessee 

Lumber Co. Inc. 

* ^ EL ' ^^Ri^** 

sylva, n.c. 




— offices to serve you at 



Sunday - Thursday — 4: 30 p.m. to 12: 00 p. m . 
Friday - Saturday — 4: 30 p.m. to 1 : 00 a .m. 

Highway 107 — Cullowhee, N. C. 
Phone: 293-9222 


class rings — jewelry 
cards — books 


41 Keener St. 

Sylva, N.C. 

ry Cleaning 
d Laundry 




''Everything to Wear'' 

the young college man is 

our specialty. k 

— eat at 

Bill Lewis 

bryson city, n.c. 


compliments of 


sylva — cullowhee 
cashiers — franklin 
member — F.D.I.C. 

Compliments of 

''Latest Fashions in Women's Clothing" 


Lay-Away Plan 

Master Charge 

cullciwhee road 
§$va, n.c. 




brothers jjj 
& oil co., inc. 

Wilson Insurance agency 



24 W. Main Street 

Sylva, N. C. 

TEL. JU 6-2D1D 


i i ', 

* » 


: ALL « r j| 


sylva, n.c 




member federal deposit 
insurance corporation 

sylva, n.c. 



Mountain Nursery 

and Garden 



we appreciate 
our customers'' 



sylva, n.c. 


V < 




store no. 1 

waynesville, n.c. 



welcome wcu students 

456-7977 waynesville, n.c. 


'You Can Depend On Our Service" 
Cullowhee, N.C, 28723 

Located in the Heart of WCU 
"Since 1965" 


5 * Music Soar 

on a Fisher ■ 







World Leader in 
Hi^li Quality Stereo 

high fideli 

.5 < Music, Soars when You hearltpn a Fisher 

asheville, n.c. 28801 

sat. till 12:00 

Sears Merchant 

congratulations seniors! 

sylva, n.c. 

John graham 
store **■! 

waynesville, n.c. 

free dry cleaning 

sylva, n.c. 



Phone JU 6-2410 

Joe Popplewell 

Sylva, N. C 



Goodyear Tires — G. E. Appliances 


Jiollifcela Jewelers 


sylva, north carolina 28779 

Repair & Engraving Service 

Dial 586-4274 

l.inzie hollifield 
Ronnie Dennib 

Jim Searcy 

class of 75 


sylva, n.c. 

Jay §> 

i s 


(704) 586-6659 

Main Street 
N. C. 28779 

cope s superette 
& newsstand 


7 mill st, sylva 


Sylva, North Carolina 28779 

ddry cleaners s 

sylva, n.c. 



Bettie's has added 
a new branch! 



Phone 293-5338 
Open Daily 9:30-5:30 




old asheville road 
yfva, n.c. 


i want to do 

what i want to do, 

i want to be 

what i want to be. 
susan polis shultz 

N 1 i 



in the daily labor of the people 

by and through which life goes 

on, the people must laugh or 

go down. 

carl sandburg 

4 ' ,i v *S-' ^ 

k - 5 '. 


the deepest feeling always 
shows itself in silence. 




caught in the quiet 
off on our own 
coming together 
staying alone. 
rod mc kuen 



Al Dexter Representative 







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£ '■■■'■■,■ "■■".■'■ ■ 

£ ■■■''■' .V i '■'■''■■ ' 







.-:- : .---" ; . "■■■■■-; -■■■v.'. . 
■''"■■■■.'■■■■:■. ..^ V- ■ 











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